Gun Vault-Finally got it home!

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  1. Finally made it to Dunham's to pick up my Cannon Gun Vault. I'd bought the AE22 in the American series. The specs say it weighs 525lbs. Let me tell you, they ain't chittin! There was only one young kid there to help me load it. They had a utility dolly and I was able to slide it down from their semi dock into the bed of my truck. When I say "slide it down" I guess it would be more accurate to say "the young kid and I were flopping hopelessly behind as the safe and dolly did whatever it wanted." I thought I was going to lose my tailgate straps. Getting it off my truck and in the house was a little tougher. I was alone for about half of it until my neighbor got home. I'm glad Dunham's gave me another 10% off today, that $60 will go towards a chiropractor adjustment and case off beer (for my neighbor). Heres the porn.





    And the very surprising thing is what I found downstairs in it! :shock:

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    Nice! I need a vault too...

  3. If you're lucky you too can find one with a bathroom in it! Wish I'd have known, I'd have looked for one with a mini bar instead. :lol:

    I can't wait to get my guns locked away. I didn't want to put them in tonight as the safe is still cold from the trip home and I think condensation would form. I neglected to buy a dang desiccant of any sort so I can't take chances. I guess the next trip to town I'll have to get some. Maybe I'll order from Cabelas or the like instead.
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    Just pour a bag of rice in a pair of the 'ol lady's panty hose, and put your homemade "desiccant" in the bottom of your safe.
  5. Good idea. I'll do that as a temporary "fix" until I get what I want.
  6. Nice safe!!

    Good idea on the rice. Same reason why you put a little rice into a salt shaker, keeps it from clumping.
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    Now we're cooking with gas.
  8. Who was it that posted about using the silica cat litter, and you can bake it and reuse it?

    That is what I am using in my ammo bunker. The gun safes I dont have any trouble with moisture luckily.
  9. Thanks for the tip but if you look close, you'll see my safe came with a pair of toilets, no use for the cat litter! :lol: Besides if my wife caught me baking it after I used it I'm sure the only place I could be safe is in the vault itself.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. Sounds like another valid tip, thanks. :)
  10. You put it in the oven for a couple of hours at 200 degrees or so

    I have mine in a AK ammo can that the top is cut out of. Filled it up with the silica gel cat litter and sit it in the bunker and then closed it up with a humidity meter inside.

    When I bake it, I put it back in and Im good for a while more

    A LOT cheaper than using the ready made dessicant paks, which use silica gel in them.
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    That is a nice vault. Making me jealous here...