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  1. I was told my old roommate about a site he goes to alot called and wanted to know if anyone bought anything on there and is it really the eBay of guns. I did see a few pistols on there that were cheap and thought about creating an account but wanted to get some opinions I did check with a FFL and he said that he would transfer for 25.00 so I thought that was fair.
  2. Been to gunbroker many times. I even put my 2 cents worth on the forum. The auction side is very interesting. Many of the guns sold there go for some outragous prices. The site does a pretty good job making sure thr buyers and sellers keep to the deals made. I did purchase my P-11 through the site and I do think it was very reasonable and it came just as described and on time.

  3. Like any auction site, you must know what you are buying. I have seen some outrageously high prices and some good deals.

    Just remember that you always must pay shipping and the FFL transfer fee which can drive a price through the roof depending on your location and dealer.
  4. I have bought there quite a few times, and have found that most of the dealers are honest people, although some are high on their prices
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    I purchased my old BSA reddot that I had on my 995 there...good deal...but I'll admit I dont shop there too often...every once in a long while I look, but thats it...would rather support the local businesses...
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    I have made about a dozen transactions on gunbroker both buying and selling, all have been good transactions. For selling they are much better than ebay, no insertion (listing) fees for basic ads, and automatic relisting until item is sold. Also much lower fee if/when item sells than ebay.
  7. I have 67 transactions on there with never a problem.

    Got 3 transactions on auction arms, never a problem there either
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    Ive had goodluck w/ firearm auctions.

    Ive purchased 7 firearms from gunbroker and another 5 from auctionarms and gunsamerica. Every internet deal was had for much less than going price in my area as well as much less than i though the piece was worth, but keep in mind it takes a great deal of time to find that perfect auction.

    it also takes some skill in judging a firearms condition and seller's demeanor and rep over the internet.
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    Same here. I've bought and sold on Gunbroker and had a good experience with all transactions.

    I highly recommend looking at the feedback too. There can be some telling stuff in there about sellers/buyers.

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    i've looked but never found the right deal. sometimes prices are higher than what you might pay from a gunshop you've already got a a relationship with.
    great for getting ballpark figures on what something might be worth. remember too that something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

    i don't like the idea of them having to have a credit card number in their database, but I'm really weird that way.
  11. I have bought a couple-- a Raven MP25 (like $40) and a Super Comanche ($135).

    Shiping is high-- like $35 about for most handguns-- but find a nice FFL to transfer and you can find good deals.

    My FFL charges $15 per gun, but I get a $5 discount for my NRA membership and $5 off for my CHL--

    And I get listed as an "employee" for some distributors--

    That way I can buy firearms for wholesale + $5--

    That is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me--

    also check out

    I usually find better deals there, but it is not as big as gunbroker..
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    I love the site and I really think it is the ebay of the gun world...
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    I look at Gunbroker all the time, but have never purchased from there. I have made a couple of purchases form
  14. I've got an account, they are very good about emailing you with your account status and keeping you up to date, I've had some friends buy a shotgun barrell and Knoxx Recoil Stock off of there using my account, they are very easy to deal with and there search system is great!!! the eBay of guns is right!!! there is also a site out there called eBang! they are ok but not near as good as Gunbroker