Gunman at ASu

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  1. Aparently they think there is a gunman on campus at ASU(my school). Campus is on lock down. Basically they just saw someone with a pistol wearing a pink floyd shirt. I'm stuck in lock down at work. Hey at least i'm getting paid! :lol:
  2. Cool, somebody who appreciates firearms and good music. Invite him over and we'll try to get a party going :!: :wink:

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    Great. Now my former school is in the limelight.

    $20 says this is a hoax and the media just wants another potential disaster to get them onto the national feed. If something were going to be, it would've happened. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they "surprisingly" don't find the "shooter". But, a great way to get some of that newly alloted state and federal money for a revamp to a campus' security.

    Skeptical? Cynical? Yep, but I've seen the way many universities pull stunts to get as much money for any pet project they can first hand.
  4. ohh sorry Neo, I should have specified. Appalachian State.

    I'm out of lock down now. They never got any more reports.
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    Oops :oops: Thought that was Arizona State University.
  6. Basically it seems it was a suspect fleeing the scene of a B&E. Resident came home and caught him. He fled in the direction of campus. They never did find him.
  7. Yep. Just trying to get the ratings up. One more reason to hate the media.
  8. The media seems to be the biggest problem with all this crap anyway. The ONLY satisfaction I get from it is knowing that these murder/suicide "cowards" don't live to see their 15 minutes of fame. It still leaves me wondering why they do it at all. The country is now in a state of paranoia because of the media. Everybody sees guns everywhere!!
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    The media doesn't care what the repercussions are. They'll make them celebrities because it draws viewers. They'll sensationalize anything, and everything as long as it helps the bottom line. Doesn't matter how many people they encourage to do this, so long as get a lead story out of the deal.
  10. The media had nothing to do with the escalation of this event. Local and campus police acted on reports that this armed man wearing a ski mask had fled from the location of a break in(which btw is adjacent to campus) and was headed in the direction of campus. There was also a later report that he was spotted in the cafeteria bldg.(can't substantiate this, I heard it on the scanner). We all knew what was up and were on lock down before anything media wise came into play. Hell as far as they were concerned it was a minor sideline blurb between the usual dumb celeb does something stupid, and two die in house fire reports.
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    Don't forget the "What is on your dinner table? What food-born pathogen is killing people instantly? Tune in tonight at 11pm to find out more."
  12. of course strangerous, I agree totally that the media is fubar and all that jazz. Just saying that they didn't have much of an impact on this situation other than throwing in a bit of publicity, showing the school homepage, some stock footage, and mispronouncing the name.
  13. update!

    After further interview, the person responsible for the initial reports admitted to having fabricated them. Motive is currently unreleased/unknown.

    Go fukn figure.
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    Cause the media will now make him a star!
  15. heard more today, apparently he was trying to make the management company(who I can attest, sucks badly) fix his door which had been broken for quite some time. So he kicked in his door and fabricated the story...but obviously scrweed up on saying he went towards campus.

    He faces a misdemeanor charge at the least. From what I hear the guy is a senior english major.

  16. Hey man, I was going to IM you last night and ask if that was you running around with a gun on campus LOL :lol:

    What an idiot. Now he's going to have some problems.
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    Not least not that that school if the Dean acts the way most do when a schmuck capitalizes on such a hotbutton issue that makes a school look bad.

    It's called expulsion with no tuition refund. That was a $10k to $30k mistake, not to mention the jail time he will probably incur
  18. knowing the legal system he will get off with a fine for the false report and honestly I hope the school does act properly and he gets expelled.
  19. So, you're saying that he might not have gotten this idea from the media? Watching all the nationwide gun stuff absolutely does not put ideas in my head. :?