Gunmaster cleaning kit for 995 & kudos to Brass Stacker

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by peorth, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Was shopping for a breech to muzzle pull-through cleaning kit, but the Otis kits were pretty expensive. Saw the "Gunmaster" .30 cal rifle cleaning kit at Ammo Bros for $10 and was told that it take standard thread brushes. So I bought it along with a short 9mm cleaning brush. Happy to report that it works fine on the Hi Point 995 TS. The brush will pull easily into the chamber with a light nudge through the ejection port.

    The cleaning kit came with a long pull cord, a handle that doubles as screwdriver, set of screwdriver bits, brush, mop, and cleaning patches. My suggestion is to toss out the molded plastic inside so you can squeeze more cleaning brushes and supplies in the hard plastic case. For $10, it's a great bargain.

    I also wanted to give a shout out to Brass Stacker for their excellent customer service. I ordered the cheek pad for the 995 and it ripped during installation, then ripped into a mess during removal. E-mailed them and they responded the same evening and had replacement out in the mail the next day. A+ service!

    (Suggestion: if you're not good at delicate work, ask your wife or GF to install the cheek pad for you).
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    I try not to get my girl friend involved with guns when my wife is around but brass stacker is great , I have a pad on my 995 and one on the way for my 4595 , but had no problems putting it on , great product