Guns that you are ashamed to admit you like....

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  1. neothespian

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    We ALL do it: We talk smack about the guns that our buddies point and laugh at. We just want to fit in. It's OK! We all get that it's an "unsaid" rule.

    But then you go home and secretly drool and wax nostalgic about "those" guns. You know the ones I talk about: From the garrish pimp saturday night specials of the 70's to the obscure Japanese WWII surplus. They're the guns that are stereotypes for either being lousy, weird, dangerous or outright freakish, but we love them.

    Just don't tell our buddies that.

    I'll start: The Scorpion Tec-22.

    Yes, stamped steel receiver (hell...body!), firing block that was about as refined as a Peugot 505, and as accurate as throwing a brick at a store window. BUT, as far as cool, over the top thug-ness, you can't beat it. It is just a SCARY looking gun. Sure it only shoots .22LR, and you're lucky if you'll make it past an entire mag of 30 without a FTF or a busted firing pin, but it's a blast to "spray and pray"
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    Titanium "gold" pimped out Desert Eagle 50 cal. at my local shop

  3. Ari

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    Someone bought one of those gold DE at my local shop... I really don't have anything I have run and hid from. I do have a couple I have been pitched crap about owning. I have a C9 :wink: and a Mas36. But I have openly defended both weapons.
  4. freedom

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    Use to hate the Glocks but I cant say that any more.
    Unfortunately it will be some time before I can afford to get one.
    But if I were to have a gun on the list you say, Glock would have been it.
  5. Raven MP 25 pistol.

    Possibly the laughing stock of the gun world, but I have owned 2 and just have a genuine affection for the little critters.
  6. Uraijit

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    There aren't any that I'm ashamed to admit I like. And there aren't any that I'm ashamed to admit that I don't like.

    If there were any that I didn't like, I'd say so. If I like them, I say so. I guess I'm not really the"closet"-anything type. If someone is going to think less of me for having an opinion of my very own, they aren't people I would hang out with, or be having such discussions with in the first place.
  7. My ghetto tech 9...fake suppressor and all
  8. griff30

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  9. The cute pink Cricket .22 at the local gun shop. Although my 7 year old daughter just adores it. What better excuse than that for me to buy it? :lol:
  10. duker_sponk

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  11. neothespian

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    I am NEVER ashamed of my Hi-Points! I personally like the look of them, so that helps. It LOOKS like a gun. A big, black, scary looking thing that cannot be for anything but shooting things. It kind of has that Blade Runner/80's Sci Fi look to them ....all sorts of chunky and black.

    But, I can understand the getto gun, because when I was a kid in the UK, the Mac-10 and Tec-9 were the icon of American violence. If you had anything to say on how vicious the US urban gettos were, you would flash the picture of one of these guns on the screen and people would be scared of just the image.

    Something to be said about that. Even if they're Jam-O-Matics with crappy stamped receivers. Heck I've even considered "what if" with one of the Masterpiece Arms Mini9's
  12. glock will it. but really, i love the guns, just hate most of glock owners. they all have the head stuck up to their asses. telling them that you own a high point you will never hear the end of it.
  13. unclerob

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    It's a toss up ...
    Davis .22 Mag Derringer.
    Charter Arms AR-7 (got 2 of 'em).
  14. NWdude83

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    Not ashamed, but always have to explain why... EAA and Hi-Point carbines.
  15. Kagern

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    The pump action Ruger 'Police' carbines.
  16. Silicon Wolverine

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    Ive got one too and everybody gives me crap about my chrome pimp gun but heck it just keeps on shooting.

  17. I have lowbrow tastes in firearms: I just don't crave Sigs, Glocks, 1911s, etc; I like my HPs a lot, love Eastern bloc milsurps, and have a great fondness for SNSs such as Jennings, Phoenix, Galesi (all of which I own), and Davis, Lorcin, Jimenez (for which I always keep an eye peeled).

    Not really ashamed of any of them, but the last group probably raises the most eyebrows at the range :D
  18. tec 9...ugly, but cool and mean looking...oh and UZIs with the big ol fake suppressors.