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    A guy at work has a brother is selling the following. I am trying to get an idea on their value.

    1. S&W SS model 66 .357 in box 6" barrel and oversize smith wood grips.

    2. LLama mod III .380 one mag in box

    3. winchester model 69A .22 one mag , scope and missing rear sight ramp.

    All are at least in good condition.
  2. your best bet would be to look up each one on

    go by the ones with actual bids (not the buy it now or listing price)

  3. Dane

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    found a few on there.
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    The 69A is worth about $250, if in really good condition, and if it were the models with a peep sight, it would add $100-$150, or more.

    There are variations that change values, like having a hole for a sling swivel only in the forearm, smooth versus grooved trigger, factory scope, Target or Match variations, etc.