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Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by sdbrit68, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    Decided to tackle the spring upgrade on my SD9ve myself, I mean really, its just 3 little springs, its mechanics, slot A goes to peg B and hard could it be ?

    30 minute job on the list, 2.5 hours later finally done.............please for the love of God tell me the Joey trigger is going to be smoother and easier, even if you have to lie to me, just tell me it is so
  2. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    It took me 3 days the 1st time, I lost one of the springs & had to wait on MoM to send me another!

  3. HiPointArmorer

    HiPointArmorer Member

    After removing the right side grip (one screw), use the smallest hole punch you can find, gently tap the top pin out slightly. Then use some needle nose pliers to pull the pin out. There is one more small pin located on the trigger itself, remove it slowly so the little trigger spring doesn't fly out.
    Put the new trigger on and reverse order. If you really want to go all out, polish any parts of the trigger linkage and the sear. Maybe a drop of oil where the sear cam connects with the trigger linkage, thats where most of the friction comes from. Good luck and have fun.
  4. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    havent received it yet, just ordered friday, and I assume they have to be made in batches, not one at a time, plus people have normal every day jobs, so, when it gets here, it gets here ya know
  5. cicpup

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    He makes them to order on the weekend and usually ships on Monday.
  6. planosteve

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    Or just do what I do and put a ton of rounds through it and it smooths out on its own.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    I'm happy with my SD9ve trigger pull So I didn't do the spring upgrade . However I did replace the guide rod and spring with a Galloway guide rod and spring set up
  8. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    I did it mostly because I want to learn more about working on weapons.
    If I could ask, the things you did, what do they accomplish ?
    If you could, keep in simple terms, I am still learning. The spring kit I did, my understanding, it lightened the pressure for the trigger, I don't really notice much though.