Guntests Magazine Review of the 995 vs the Ruger

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    I thought it looked familiar. From a 2002 issue. It is still a good resd.

  2. Anyone ever see the test on the 4095?
  3. No but I would love to read a review on it
  4. Granted the article is from 2002. When you think about it, nothing has changed and therefore, the 995 is better then the PC9. But then we all knew that.
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    so did Ruger as they discontinued the PC9
  6. I note that J and G (ad in latest Shotgun News) has police used Ruger P40 carbines on sale for about $400.
  7. Gun Tests reviewed the 4095 in the May 2006 issue, gave it a "Best Buy" rating. By the way, they reviewed the Beretta Cx4 Storm in the same issue. They rated it a "Don't Buy" partially because they didn't like the stock, the same design ATI copied for their after market stock for the 995. Go figure.
  8. Could you find us a link to that Gun Tests review? It sure would be appreciated by all.
  9. I'm working from my paper subscription, don't have a link.
  10. Sure appreciated the info. Atleast we know the end result.