H.E.A.V.E.N. In Texas

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  1. I know tha I am new here, but still I thought you might like to know about this. My son ran into a a young man he went to school with this week in Abilene, They talked for a good while. when he graduated from high school he joined the air force. He had intended to make a carreer of the service. life doesnt always play fair he had to take a medical discharge. he had a braintumor. He is fine now but in the civilian sector now.
    he has started a nonprofit group to help the recovering soilders here in the states. his family owns a large ranch in centeral Texas. he brings the wounded and recovering soilders from the hospitals out to his ranch to hunt. I only wish I could hunt on some of that land, man the deer and hogs are fantastic. He and his friends go and get the boys and bring them out to the ranch set them up in stands or vehiccals to hunt both deer and hogs. they have made it acceccable for the boys to have a few days out in the woods, but with the care they need while out there. they furnish the guns and ammo, and process the game.
    the young mans Name is Jeremiah Cottle SSgt USAF ret. I am proud to know this young man and I am proud of what he is doing for our vets
  2. Sorry I didnt explain the nameH.E.A.V.E.N. it stands for Hunting Escapes for American Veterasns to Encourage Natural healing. He started it in 2005

  3. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!

    My hat is off to that guy big time!
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    I have to say that is great for him, Sad for the starting situation but glad to hear ok now.
  5. It's always a pleasure to hear of people doing good work for others.

    A big hand for Jeremiah Cottle!

    And a 'thanks' to you for sharing, Jim.
  6. Thats great to hear, sometimes a setting like that can do a lot more to heal a wounded mind than months of therapy