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    I had the opportunity to shoot an H&K MP5 the other day. When I first shouldered it I was amazed at how much it felt like the 995. When I squeezed off the first round it was still like the 995.

    It did get a little different when I went to full auto however. It was fairly easy to keep the rounds going into an area about half the size of a sheet of typing paper. I think with a little practice the group could be tightened up.
  2. yeah i shot one a couple years ago, they're a hoot

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    A Hoot? It's a Hoot and a Holler!
    It's got the "ergo" , here is where it's a real winner, but it doesn't have the "eco" to make it onto my cache list any time soon. :(
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    Ever thought about buying the .22 or 9mm clones that sell for like $500?

    Here is a link to a .22 version

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    I just picked up a GSG-5 two Saturdays ago at the Nations Gun show in Chantilly, VA......I love it,I have only taken it to the range once and put about 200 rounds through it. 3 FTF's but I blame the bulk walmart ammo. Very fun to shoot. But good luck finding one!, they are pretty much sold out or backordered everywhere I beleive. The dealer I got it from said he was expecting 60 but only got 3, the only one he had left to bring to the show, I purchased and for only $469.00! wish I would have bought extra mags from him, he had them for $30, I cant find them for cheaper than $50 now
  6. I don't like buying weapons with mags more expensive than $15 a piece... makes it a pain in the hindquarters to stock up, ya know?
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    Totally agree on the ergo. I had the opportunity to run through a couple of mags on one at the police academy range a few years ago. Very sweet.