Had a small scare over the weekend

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by geekandwife, May 1, 2014.

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    Have a buddy of mine that is in the market for his first gun so I took him out to my preferred LGS, while we were looking at all there was to offer, apparently a customer that had bought a gun earlier that week came in with his gun saying he was having failure to fire with every round of his 1911. Well the LGS has bullet trap in the back, so the store owner tells his clerks he is going in the back to test fire, but fails to tell any of the 9 people shopping in the store. That first shot goes off and of the 9 people 6 of them all grab for their CCW's. With that you see all the store clerks grabbing for their carry guns, and then you have the store owner running in from back hollering "IT WAS A TEST FIRE"

    Luckily everyone had a head on their shoulders and no one actually pull out, but now I do have me a nice 10% off coupon to use at the gun store...
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    with employees like that working there, i'd be finding a new LGS.

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    I lol'd

    Did it look something like this?

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    Good Training scenario too! :D