Had my first issue with my C9

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    My C9 was the first pistol that I bought in many years. What with raising kids and living in different states where there were no close ranges that were open when I was off work, I didn't need one.

    Anyway, I bought one last year and loved it though it wasn't consistently accurate. Since I was retired and had the pasture here to shoot in, I bought a few more pistols and a couple of revolvers. I bought one of each caliber Hi-Point, but ended up trading the .40 S&W and .45 as they were too big to carry.

    I had a Glock 22 that I liked sort of, but it wasn't comfortable or accurate. I bought a rubber grip wrap for it and that helped, but I still didn't like it well enough to keep it so I traded for a new XD40 and something to boot. I kept the grip wrap and put it on my C9.

    Wow, the accuracy tripled! I could put mag after mag in about a 3" circle on a pie plate from 15 yds or more. I loved it again. Then it started dropping mags after two or three rounds and wouldn't lock open on an empty mag.

    I was going to send it in for repair, then I looked over this site and found a working diagram of how the C9 operates. I pulled the grips and found the mag release spring was straight. I bent it and re installed the cover. It worked like new.

    I had emailed Hi-Point about my problem and they emailed back late Sat night to call tech service Monday (today) morning and gave the toll free number. I called and the nice lady took my name and address so if I was to have any parts sent, they would be ready. She asked if I knew what I needed. I told her #27 the Mag release spring and she said she could save me time and just send me one...no charge. I thanked her, bragged on her company and hung up a happy camper. You got to love Hi-Point.

    Dave :D :lol: