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  1. So my son was born in April. We filed for his passport in May. The standard waiting time for a baby born overseas is six to eight weeks. Well, it's now September and we have gotten absolutely nothing. If they had needed more stuff, they would have sent us a letter requesting documents or information, but we haven't even gotten that. I wrote to the embassy in London three times. I received one response from them saying it was processing but they couldn't give me any more info. That was about two months ago.
    In that time, we already were able to go to Bulgaria and get him his Bulgarian birth certificate and passport, so he can at least travel around with my wife. But, as it currently stands, if we wanted to go to the U.S., which we do want to for Christmas and New Year's, we'd have to get him a tourist visa. Which would be hilarious to do, honestly, because that would require us to go through the embassy in London, and I would LOVE to create problems for them with that one.

    So after no success, I wrote to my state rep (Republican Erik Paulsen) and one of my senators (Democrat Al Franken). Tried to write to my other senator (Democrat Amy Klobuchar), but she required I print out the form, sign it, and mail it, the other only required an e-mail.
    The fact he's five months old (on Friday) and has zero documentation indicating his U.S. citizenship is unacceptable to us.
    I'm also going to the JAG when I get back to see what my options are there. The MPS, who we filed through, said that once it leaves their office, it's in the embassy's hands and out of theirs, so they have been no help.

    Gonna be fun! :p
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    From the US you can call the State Department Consular Affairs Bureau at (877)487-2778 to inquire into the passport status.

    If you go to travel.state.gov you can also do an online status check. You'll need the DOB and last four, aside from the full name.

    Take a swing at it that way.

  3. It's an automated line that is not staffed by humans. From the U.S., it kicks you to the embassy in London, which is also a non-staffed automated line.
    He also has no SSN yet, as that's what you get when you file his CRBA abroad.

    We have attempted this multiple times, so trust me, it's been tried lol.
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    Should have hustled Your spouse stateside in time to give birth so You could have Your own 'anchor baby'...


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    Or, walked into the nearest US embassy/Consulate and had the child in their waiting room.

  6. The embassy/consulates are actually not considered U.S. soil lol. In the UK, it's all leased. :p
  7. Well then they would still be in the states, since my command sponsorship for my son was just approved last month. :p
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    I just wonder if the Bulgarian paperwork will "complicate" things...
    He's prolly never going to be eligible to be POTUS, you realize this? :p
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    False advertising--what a bunch of rubbish! I didn't write the other number, but it said that it does have human customer service reps during established hours.
  10. Actually we have pointed this out, they say that that's only for certain issues. For CRBAs and passports, they can only provide a basic status; i.e. "processing," "received paperwork," etc. They can't do anything else. So they don't even bother putting humans on the line, they bring you to an automated information line that gives you no option for humans. In fact, if you mash the keypad or yell "operator," into the phone, which normally transfers you to a person, it just hangs up on you.

    RGR, actually he would be. McCain is a good example example; he was born in Panama on an American base, they determined him eligible.
    Now, he WOULD have to give up his Bulgarian citizenship if he were to run, but other than that, he would be okay. Not that I would bank on it, because I would be disappointed if he ran for either of the two major parties, and let's face it, third party ain't gonna win, so we have no problems there.
    And his Bulgarian citizenship poses no problems for his paperwork, for a few reasons. The first is that he was born to me, an American citizen. So no matter what, lawfully, they cannot deny him his proof of citizenship. Second, the U.S. and Bulgaria officially recognize claims to dual citizenship for each other. So they would process it through regardless. Third, they don't have his Bulgarian paperwork; we sent the package for his U.S. stuff before we went and got his Bulgarian stuff done. In fact, what they have is his UK birth certificate along with my wife and I's birth certificates and military paperwork. The visa requirement for military dependents to the UK on orders was lifted just before we sent everything, so that wouldn't present a problem even if they flagged my paperwork and ignored my wife's.

    Now, for an update; gotta hand it to Erik Paulsen's office, I just got contacted by the London Embassy. Earlier this summer, they has a massive data corruption at the Department of State (hmmmmmm), and his case was affected. So they've assigned me a person at the embassy to personally contact me and discuss options.
    Early this summer. Think about that. It's September. That means it's been dead for about two or three months and they chose NOW to tell me, and only AFTER my Congressmen had to prod them. *Looks at their last two Secretaries.* I shouldn't be surprised.
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    Let's see they had a data breach that affected you information and did not notify you. Under federal law they are required to notify you. Must of been on hillary ' email server.
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    When did THAT change?

    I wasn't like that during the 1980's or before...

  13. It's always been that way with the UK. We own nothing; our bases, consulates, etc. are all leased from Parliament. I'm stationed at RAF Feltwell, not Feltwell Air Base. RAF = Royal Air Force. :p
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    Maybe they sent it as classified info and sent it to Hillary by mistake. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    NE Utah
    Had a buddy in Basic, his dad was a US serviceman, married a German woman, kid was born in Germany, US citizen...and dad got hit by a truck. Mom stays in Germany, then marries a Dutch guy, they move to Spain, actually the Canary Islands.

    Anyway...he had never been to America until basic, barely spoke English, but was still an American citizen, and joined the US Army as such.;)
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    Who needs a birth certificate or papers if you walk across the Mexican border?
  17. Or if Flyboy could just call the IIAP(Illegal Immigration Assistance Program). A tax payer funded organization.

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    Franken will send you a form email totally unrelated to your email about 6 months after things get settled... emailing his office is a total waste of time. As is calling them.
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    Get to JAG as soon as possible for advice and possible help. That was the only recourse to my step brother back in about 1965 with his boy and girl. His JAG office in Germany shook things up with the Embassy he told me.
  20. Simple 5 step solution to all your problems:

    1) Take leave

    2) Fly to Canada

    3) Renounce your US citizenship

    4) Sneak into the US illegally

    5) Problem solved! You've now got more rights than you did as a natural born American and access to better healthcare than most Americans (except our elected officials). Plus, if you move to a sanctuary city you can support yourself through a life of crime and if you get caught you simply wait till they let you out on bail. Then you move on to the next sanctuary city and start all over free and clear because as a law abiding illegal alien it's not your fault because you're a victim of the greedy Americans who go to work everyday to pay taxes to support the government that refuses to protect our borders so citizens of other countries can exercise their God given rights.

    Just remember when elections come around, VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!