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    Got my mail today and saw a package with my name on it...was thinking of what Ive ordered and ruling things out...reciever? nope, illegal to ship to me...stock? nope, only paid for it yesterday...check the sender name and its Valve...I got all giddy! My soundtrack to the Orange Box came in today! :D
  2. nice man...Ive been wanting to get the actual game for a while but am to cheap to buy it new and none of the game stores have any used yet. Thought about ebay but I wanna trade in a couple games too.

    How is Team fortress?

  3. hehe sweet. I couldn't justify buying it so I dl'd it. My faves are of course Still alive, and all of the songs from TF2. Such good stuff!

    Team Fortress rocks sos much. I love it. I'm usually playing demoman, engineer, medic, or heavy. I'm probably going to keep playing medic more to get the new medic achievements they just added to the game.

    I reallly want the companion cube plushie for my desk.