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    I recently got a HP 9mm and maybe my hands are a little too big for the gun. I often get some friction between the second joint at the back of my thumb and the slide as it comes back. This results in bleeding after a few dozen rounds, and of course burnt gunpowder gets into it, etc - it gets quite messy and is very painful in that area. I don't want to bleed all over the gun, range, etc and I'm sure the range would be better without it, too.

    I've considered wearing some gloves, but I'm not sure what is the best kind to get while still preserving dexterity and freedom of movement. I also want to get some that will last for a while, without the slide chopping them up. Most of the "shooting gloves" I have been able to find in stores and on the internet offer only a thin layer of protection where it counts most - on that spot where the slide cuts my hand up.

    Any recommendations?
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    It sounds like you are holding the gun too high. If the slide is hitting your hand, just move your hand down a fraction of an inch. You could also purchase a hogue handall, it has finger grooves which would force you to properly position your hand as to not get pinched.

  3. That's a common problem that people with larger hands can run into when they are holding/firing a smaller framed pistol. Follow hpman's advice, I couldn't have said it any better than that.
  4. khatores,

    Welcome to the HPFF!

    Try finding a pair or leather work gloves that fit your hands snugly, but not too tight, and cut the finger tips out and see how that works.

    Readjusting your grip, like hpman suggested, is another thing that may work too. The 10rd mags provide more frame grip surface than the 8rd mags do, so you might need a 10rd mag in order to get a lower grip on the pistol to avoid the slide bite.

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    Readjusting was the first thing I did, but once I adjust enough to fix the problem, I think I'm really not holding it correctly. My hands aren't really thick, but I do have long fingers. I'll try some more types of gloves and see if that does the trick.

    Also, the grip may well do the job just by making the grip as a whole slightly thicker, and moving my hands out and away from the slide. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Do us a favor... have someone take a couple of pictures of you holding your gun from different angles and post them here in this thread. We'll take a look at them and see what pointers we can give you. Sound fair?
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    On closer inspection, the problem seems to be that the first joint of my middle finger is contacting badly with one part of the grip, right beneath the trigger guard that goes out (the part is smooth and doesn't have textured grooves). I'm moving my hand up to get my finger away from that, and my thumb knuckle is contacting with the slide.

    But, I'm holding the gun correctly to begin with. My fingers are just too bony, and what I need is a rubber grip. I'm going to order one ASAP.
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    +1 on that.

    One other thing, is DO try any kind of grip, that allows a lower grip so you dont encounter any slide action against your hand. I have big hands, and even though I choke up a bit on the JHP, never had that probelm. I DID, have a problem with my 1911, and Hammer bite. I adjusted my grip with it, and I concur, grip DOES feel...."odd"..but def managable.
  9. I had almost the same problem, My hands are large and I found using the 10 round mag with the finger grip works best for me.
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    I have large hands ( I wear a size 20 wedding ring) and I have to wear biker fingerless gloves when ever I shoot ANY auto. The slide bites me on the fleshy part of my hand behind the point that my thumb joins the hand. this happens with my hi-point 45 & my 1911.
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    Work gloves are a very effective solution. I tried this today, and if the slide hit, I didn't notice it. I didn't notice the bump on the front of the grip either. I also went through a couple of magazines without the glove, just to maintain accuracy in a PD situation (since I don't normally just go around wearing gloves).
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  13. I get sliced by the slide when firing 200+ rds. in a training session, too. Solution? I just place a Band-Aid over the spot where the slide makes contact. No need for bulky gloves, and the Band-Aid gets sliced instead of your hand. Come to think of it, a good, small first-aid kit is always good to have in your range bag. Don't think this is specific to Hi-Points either: I cut the side of my thumb on the metal feed lips of the magazines on my Glocks when loading, and the top thumb knuckle gets rubbed raw from the frame too.
  14. I have medium sized hands and one pistol that will bite me every single time I shoot it is a Walther PPK. Something about the design just eats the web of my shooting hand up unless I wear a shooting glove. So, when I get offered to shoot a friends PPK these days I pass unless I have my shooting glove in the range bag.
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    I wear leather golf gloves with both index fingers cut off. Shoot left & right handed. My C9 feels good in either hand. 8)
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    couldnt you just file down the part of the slide that is biting you.
    not alot just enough to make it glide over you hand.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    That would void the warrenty due to a modification of the weapon.
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    never thought of that, glad i didnt have that problem cause i would have filed it down. :oops:
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    Hate to hi jack the thread but i have a question here....since this would void warranty obviously since it is a mod to the function of the gun...is the sanding down and polising and painting of the sides I have seen on some guns here also something that voids the warranty or are those mods OK because they are just cosmetic changes? Just curious, was thinking about doing a little sanding and painting but definately do not wanna lose that killer warranty.
  20. Based on my experience:


    ... there is no conceivable way to void the warranty. Even after the heat death of the univervse, the Hi-Point warranty will apparently still stand.

    That said, a little smoothing of the inner edges, to alleviate "slide bite", should be OK. Or, if not officially sanctioned, it should, at least, save some blood.