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  1. Mumbles

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    What is the best method for cleaning my C9 after a good plinking session? I have seen plenty of rod and patch kits but is the Boresnake the best way to go? Seems pulling the garbage out the muzzle would be much better than pushing it towards the breech. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. I currently use the Boresnake, makes cleaning much easier and I would agree that throwing the gargage back into the breech is not desirable. I also use faoming bore and breech cleaner.

  3. hipoint.nut

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    I just spray mine out with CLP Brake Free then swab out the barrel with a cotton bore brush. Seams to work fine.
  4. I use the old ways of cleaning. Wet patches, then a bore brush down the barrel, followed by dry patches. A soft brush for the rest of the gun. Oil and pat dry.
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    im with nicadflyer, my familys guns have been cleaned with brushes and patches using good ol hoppes #9. cant say that ive used a bore snake, im sure they work fine but i just like knowing its had a good cleaning and not just a once over.
  6. Ari

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    you will not push enough garbage into the gun to worry about. Just dont over think the cleaning thing. This is not some big money bench rest gun. Just take you cleaning rod brush and patch it, then wipe it out. Then call it good!
  7. you have to clean 'em??????? :lol: :lol:

    +1 to the team here - keep it simple - they're built for that.