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  1. well, a friend of mine from east coast mention the quality of HP. he said a there was a case of HP that missed feed than cause the handgun explosion. i think for the most part, he was trying to scare me off of HP. however he get me thinking, how many cases of hand gun explosion out there. only one i can find was bereta 92FS, actually got it on youtube video: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-EvhL3k-1o[/ame]

    have anyone else seem/hear about these kind of story? if so please repost on here.
  2. Well, there's the well known Glock KB, you can also find those on Youtube, a couple of them anyways. Never seen any actual substantiated proof of a Hi Point's chamber failing causing a KB, mostly seems to be a anti-HP tactic to try to scare away potential buyers into buying......uh, a Glock, usually. Ironic, no?

  3. compmanio...... 9 posts and you already have a "glockitude" - Amazing!!! :lol: :lol:
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    i've never heard of a HP kabooming.

    glocks actually have a repuatation for it, not that they are'nt highly durable and reliable guns otherwise.

    i have never seen or heard of a 92 KB'ing except for one video on youtube and the guy said it was a bad reload..

    not sure what you linked to but it comes up with airsoft urban combat..
    which must be a mistake because i was'nt aware a airsoft gun could KB.

    in any event although some airsoft guns are extremely close emulation they are not firearms and using a airsoft gun as a review or impression of the real thing is folly at best.
  5. I found the vid of the exploding Beretta 92 pistol on YouTube.


  6. I suspect strongly that +-99.999% of KBs are totally unrelated to the firearm, and are instead caused by the ammo. A common (to the extent that KBs can be called "common") cause is a squib during rapid fire that leaves the barrel plugged before another round is fired. Another less common cause might be ammo that was reloaded by someone who was distracted by a telemarketer and a shot of Old Crow while measuring powder.

    It's certainly not impossible that a firearm defect could result in a KB, but I believe that there are no lines of firearms, including so-called Saturday Night Specials, that have a genuine, wide-spread history of explosions. And Hi-Points, specifically, certainly have no such (deserved) reputation, despite the old "my cousin's dog-groomer's boyfriend's grocer's brother-in-law heard..." stories that make the rounds on forums.
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    I have heard MANY, many stories of the amazing, combustible Hi-point. Some of which are just ludicrous. Funny part is that while the conditions change, the core seems to revolve around 5 basic myths that less-than educated arms dealers perpetuate.

    -The Hi-Point reverse shot: This is the myth that some guy's sister's boyfriend's roommate was firing a Hi-Point fresh out of the box and sure enough the "Poor plastic frame" breaks, sending the slide backwards during a shot and cracking the guy in the head. Usually the victim of these stories dies or suffers severe skull fractures. No video on this, nor any reports to the BBB or ASE about such an occurance. Also, by it's design the Hi-Point Pistol slide CANNOT fly directly backwards! Quite the feat of physics if you ask me.

    -The Hi-Point "Matchhead" effect: This one is out there...Some guy buys a Hi-Point from a dealer, and while at the range after about 100 rounds (always 100 rounds...guess it's the only true point to the story), parts of the Zinc frame actually catch fire and start setting off the rounds in the
    magazine! Again, no proof of this at all, and while Zinc is a flamable metal, I have yet to hear of a portion of machined zinc actually catching on fire.

    -The Hi-Point fracture: This one is simple. After only a dozen rounds, the Zinc alloy fractures, rendering shrapnel all over the range. Many indoor ranges are fond of this myth, and often use this as a basis as a ban on any Hi-Point weapons anywhere on their range. Again...No proof of any such thing.

    -The Tec-22 Impersonation: Because the pistol is a blowback design, I suppose it's bound to happen. Many say that the Hi-Points are SO unreliable and cheap that they'll suffer from a "Slamfire" effect, with the heat build up in the "impossibly" thick Zinc slide, causing the round in the chamber to spontaniously fire and cycle the weapon producing an uncontrolled automatic firing effect. Guess what....NO PROOF!

    -The Jam-O-Matic: Some of this is true only from amature gun owners who do not properly maintain or break in their weapon. Nearly every gun dealer will have a guy or guys on staff who insist that there are NO Hi-Points ever documented that can fire more than 3 rounds in a row without a Failure to Feed or Failure to Fire. This is usually the myth put forth as they're pulling out that overpriced Glock 17 or Springfield to sell you.

    I've heard ALL of these in various forms in my time owning and shooting Hi-Points. Often I will fire the weapon in front of them and even offer them to fire off a few mags, and they still insist that I've "Modified" the weapon, or it's just a fluke....or even better: That THEIR "superior" firing skills kept the weapon from jamming.

    In short, you deal with quite a few myths when you choose a product that has as much controversy as the Hi-Point. But, we're the one with the kick-arse weapons, and they're so broke after spending $600 on their Springfield they cannot afford the ammo to go out shooting as much as we do
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    yup thats the one i was talking about if you read the comments he found out it was a bad reload i think he said.

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    Limp wristing is often the culprit! I suffered from it simply because I'm still not in the greatest of health, and my grip was pretty weak when I first bought the C9. Over time it has improved greatly, as well as my shooting. But, of course, the average consumer thinks that they can shoot like Collin Farrel and Samuel L. Jackson because they have the same gun as the guy in the movie, and don't seriously think about the fact that there is actually a technique to it.
  10. sorry, this is the link.
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    ...and don't forget that the slide will come right off the frame of your HiPoint and slam into your eye socket and kill you!
    The Horror, the horror, the horror......
  12. During the early days of the US military converting over to the Beretta M9 (92 series for civilians) there were numerous cases of cracked, fractured and complete slide failure. All resulted in injury to the shooter or someone standing too close to the firing line. Beretta beefed up the M9 in several area's and the slide failures disappeared. Most likely culprit was design flaws, QC problems and hot 124gr military ammo.

    Glock .40S&W pistols have a good reputation for slide failure due to ammo pressures and a chamber that's not fully supported at the feed ramp area. Most likely cause has been with bullet setback in the case resulting in very high operating pressures.

    Saw a vid of a AR blowing a round that was not fully chambered. Blew the mag clean out of the mag well and sent it across the bench.

    I have read one article where a guy had a partial slide failure with his C9. He was shooting IDPA matches with his gun and had put lots of rounds thru it. One round just didnt seem right so he stoped shooting and discovered that the front part of the slide that holds the recoil spring in place had broken off. Recoil spring went who knows where and the C9 went back the Beemiller for repairs. Guy had pics on his site of the broken gun and this link was posted on the old forum back in 06.
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    My son and I just took a NRA pistol class this weekend and I took my C9 and he had his little Walther P22. Another class member had a Walther P22 with the longer barrel comp thingy and a red dot scope on it. The Walther slide is also zinc I believe . My son was trying the other guys with the red dot on it and it fired once then jammed. He couldn't get the slide to go forward and after looking at it , the slide was cracked on one side clear through. The guy said he had shot around 5000 rds through it. Doing a search for cracked P22 slides turned up that they had/have a problem with this. So I guess it's OK for Walther to use zinc and have slides that break but not HP :))))))
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    ya during the military trials there was a few cracked slides, it turned out to be a combination of bad metallurgy of the slides which was corrected, as well as over loaded ammo which was supplied by the military.

    the slide was redesigned so even if the slide was to crack it would not come back on the shooter, im not aware of this problem since then.
  15. The autoignition temp of zinc is 860* F.

    Was it summertime? or global warming? :lol:
  16. Well.....I've been around a little while on the old board, just got around to signing back up here. I'm pretty turned off on Glocks, never seen a KB first hand, but did see a nice young girl about shoot her hand off with one when it discharged all by itself.....the range master unloaded that gun real quick and told them never to bring it back to the range again. I just get sick of the attitude from many of the people who own them that "there is no other pistol, only Glock". Gimme a break. (Not saying that ALL Glock owners are like that, but I have come across many that have a big attitude.....)
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    Why 4 links to the same vid? I was hoping to see this happen to more than one person. Man that gunzone page is awesome, did you guys see that m1a?