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    I'm thinking of changing my two handed grip. To be accurate I'm considering changing back to my old grip, but I don't want to.

    About 6 years ago I found a YouTube video by one of the pro shooters that convinced me to change me grip. The only difference was moving my weak hand forefinger to the front of the trigger guard. It seemed to make an immediate improvement in my accuracy. So why would I change back?

    First, did it really make a difference? At the same time I had dramatically upped my shooting game. I had started reloading. I had accepted handguns had value beyond "Man killers" as my dad called them and could be good 50, 75, even 100 yard hunters. I was shooting handguns much much more than I ever had before. So maybe I just got better with practice.

    Next; My new EDC is the FNP45. It has a huge trigger guard for gloved hands. I can't shoot that gun with my weak forefinger gripping the trigger guard, even with my big hands it won't reach. So I'm forced back to my old grip with that gun.

    Next; I've always known it's not wise to place a digit forward of a revolver cylinder gap. It's never bothered me. Yes my finger gets sprayed and turns black with powder residue, but I've never been stung...yet. Hickok 45 used a piece of paper to show what happens. And Myth Busters used a Bali stick gell casting with chicken bones to show what happens. Ouchy! Both by chance I saw this week! Now down below the frame my finger is shielded from most of the blast, otherwise this would be a moot point, right? I mean I'd have scares and nasty war stories to tell.

    So let's hear your ideas on grip. I've figured out a few things, I think work for me. Mainly the strong arm seems to serve as a foundation. And the weak hand pulls the gun back into the foundation, anchoring the gun to the foundation. It also serves as a rapid fire mechanism for single actions. The weak thumb cock the gun, and can be place such that you can fan a single action very fast with the thumb.
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    Use different grips for revolvers, and if your FN forces you to use that grip...go with it.

    For the semi-auto that is normal sized, stay with the grip you are now used to.

    It's not like you have the same triggers or other controls in common between guns, and people are extremely adaptable...don't buy that schtick about having to do everything the same on every gun.;)

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    Weak hand surrounds strong hand and pulls the gun backwards into the strong hand. Strong side's arm is locked at the elbow. Strong arm squeezes the grip like a vice. But like Ajole mentions, guns are different.