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    Handgun reciprocity. Must be nice to be able to cross state lines and not have to unload your CC piece and leave it visible or lock it away in your trunk? As a resident of Vermont where handgun permits are non-existent, I wouldn't know. As it is I can carry concealed in a whopping three other states. Oklahoma, Arizona and Alaska. Three places I not only have no desire to go but I'd probably end up in prison before I ever made it there with a handgun. So although I enjoy great freedom, sadly it ends at the state line in every direction. And as some of you are already aware I happen to live smack dab on the VT/NH border. That means several times a day I'm in my car unloading and loading my firearm. Not only an immense pain in the @$$ but also rather dangerous.

    Well wish me luck because hopefully this nonsense is coming to an end. No Vermont won't be requiring licensing. It'll still be the bastion of freedom for all to enjoy. Instead, yesterday I began the process to acquire my New Hampshire non-resident pistol permit. If all goes well not only will I be able to hop across the border willie-nillie without worrying about forgetting to comply with the law, I'll also be able to carry in another 27 states. Unfortunately I'll still have to get through nanny state hell and make it to Pennsylvania safely. Perhaps I'll buy a boat and sail from New Hampshire to North Carolina giving the eastern seaboard the finger the entire trip. Safer than trying to get through New York.
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    I've thought about getting an Ohio nonresident permit, or even a Utah or Arizona one.

    I would love to be able to carry in Ohio.

    Also want to make a trip to Disney in a year or two (probably just a pipe dream-that place is EXPENSIVE) and would love to be able to carry the whole way there

    I would have to check recipircatory the whole way

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    I don't think you'll need luck, though I wish it to you anyway.

    What's the curriculum for NH CC? In Ohio it's pretty much straight up NRA Basic Pistol with range time (though it's been relaxed a bit). It's entirely doable for anyone who doesn't have Parkinson's.

    Is that actually possible? You've piqued my curiosity. Does the State control waters out to a certain distance, applying State Law or is it straight up U.S. waters?

    Peace favor your sword,
  4. There are several states where you can get your out of state permit online, Virginia is one of them.
  5. Simple solution, well not so simple. It is legal to ship your gun to yourself, you just need an address to ship to. That can be a UPS store in Pennsylvania. It still means you have to travel through the nanny state unarmed though.
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    Nothing that complicated. An application, a check for $100 and a letter from the VT State Police saying I'm a good boy. Currently waiting for my application and the letter to be sent back to me from the popo. The dispatcher called today and told me it's being delayed. Why you ask? Because the Captain didn't get a chance to sign it yesterday and he's off for the next two days. She promised to get it in the mail Mon or Tue.
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    As of the 23rd of march ohio honors all out of state permits. Pa can now carry in ohio but ohio is still not honored in pa.
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    This crap needs to end. If you get a permit you should be able to carry in all states. Its a Royal pain
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    You, cicpup, can OC in Colorado, but without a VT CCP that's all you can do. CO doesn't recognize non-resident cc permits even if they have reciprocity with the state you have the non-res permit for.
  10. You can carry in all states. If he can get a commission from one of the local PDs he could too.
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  12. I have my permit in PA, aswell as VA. but i got my VA while i lived there. and no longer do. so im not sure if it is valid or not?

    I guess an email to the district attorney or sherif might clarify. but PA is recognized by most places i go.....except Maryland
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    Michigan recognizes RESIDENT permits from all states. Sadly, not all states recognize ours.
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    Might have to take trip to Ohio over the summer, just because....

    Although when I was in Columbus last summer, I saw the stupid no guns everywhere :mad:
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    Vessels in transit are exempt from state law, but you must be in transit.
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    I have the Utah non-resident.
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    Just checked out the Pa AG website and Ohio is now honored in Pa. :)
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    Fixed that for ya.
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    To be honest I really only care about NH.