Handgun recommendation for the G/F

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  1. z71silverado98

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    Im looking for a full size pistol in 9mm for the girlfriend.
    Ideally it would have a 12-15rnd mag and a 4-5" barrel. polymer or metal as well as finish options arent an issue

    semis only, the G/F already has a 6" taurus 357 that she loves. Fullsize please, It's not for carry or concealment so there is really not an advantage to a shorter barrel.

    She's fond of the C-9 but its apparent that she's hooked on shooting so i'd like to upgrade her pistol. For what it's worth the c-9 is a great pistol, but im selling it to a friend who's low on funds and w/out a firearm.

    Im looking in the $450 and under range. Im not selling the c-9 until she finds something she absolutely loves so I can avoid any "I told you so"s

    We've rented:
    a Glock and neither of us liked it (sorry GM) :p
    an XD and while i liked it, she wasnt impressed.

    the gunshop has a few more rent-able pistols but im looking for suggestions from you guys. Perhaps a semi your wife/GF is in to.

    I've got a C-9 so thats not exactly a helpful suggestion.
  2. I would say Glock but you guys didnt like it, Xd but you didnt like it so Bersa, Makarov.

  3. maybe a used Taurus 24/7?
  4. Dave_H

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    S.O.G. has assorted Smith & Wessons in the march catalog that will easily fall in your price range, even with the transfer fees and shipping.
    M5906, M915, M6906
  5. Ruger P-95 or 89. Both solid performers.
  6. how about EAA? they have couple of 9mm both stainless steel and polymer, i haven't shoot it personally but i hear good things about it.
    or find some cheap 1911 clone within your budget there are few good choices.
  7. JasonJ

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    the full size Bersa Thunder 9 is nice.. 17 round mags.. very comfy grip with a nice point and shoot feel.
  8. 45Man

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  9. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    thanks for all the suggestions. Ill do my research and see if our gunshop has any of the ones mentioned, it really comes down to what she prefers though. Since i did infact like the XD but when she says "meh" after shooting it im not paying $400+

    45man, i dont mind a stronger caliber but she isnt confident w/ semis larger than 9mm
  10. Luckily there are countless pistols out there that will fit what your needs are, and a lot of the fun will be trying some out. As for my personal pick check out the Ruger SR9. These are saweeet!

    Ruger SR-9
  11. Ari

    Ari Guest

    CZ-75B The CZ-SPO1 got chosen as the NATO pistol...

  12. I have to say I agree with Ari on this one. Having shot the 75B, it's a hellova gun.
  13. HPHooked

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    I would say try a Smith & Wesson Sigma. It's a Glock clone but I think it's actually a better pistol.

    Another candidate is the FEG Hi-Power clone. It takes the same mags as the Hi-Power but was about half the price.

    Good Luck.
  14. Batjac

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    I'm in for the Ruger P-series, also. But, don't discount a clean used P-85 MK-II. They cost a little less used because they're 3 generations behind, but they're great shooters. Of course, I'm biased....
  15. bobm

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    Take her to a range, let her rent different brands and then decide. hook up with someone in your area and go shooting and let her try their firearms. Do you live near Las Vegas?
  16. condition1

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    Springfield 1911 GI is not much more than 450
  17. griff30

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    Taurus or Berreta 92. You can get them cheap(er) now a days and very upgradeable. 15-18 round mags abound and I have had only one FTF in thousands of rounds.
    Just wish I could find a longer barrel for mine.
  18. freedom

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    Full size Bersa Thunder 9mm, Fire Storm 9mm
    or Walther P99.
    All good guns. Walther is polymer Bersa and FireStorm are metal.