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  1. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    Here is almost all of my hand held noisemakers that some of you asked to see.

  2. That's an understatement to say the least... If I had that many "noisemakers" my wife would shat a gold brick. I am in awe! :shock:
  3. thekrnel

    thekrnel Guest

    thats one intense collection!

    whats the folding knife looking thing? (under one of the dariengers)
  4. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Unclerob, DEEAAAMMN :!:

    If you could would you tell me about the lazer/Light on that XD?

    I think I messed myself.

    My wife said she likes the little ones.
  5. Ummmm....wow???? That's an awesome collection there! :shock: :D
  6. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Crap. Niether of those is an XD are they?

    I do not dee the grooves in the front of the slide or the guide rod protuding.

    For my defenc in poor reocnition you are not the best piture taker. :lol:

    And I do not have the best puter screen to look at them with.

    Iether way I am still curiouse of the lazer/light combo if you don't mind lending some experiances of it.
  7. So, I see you got yourself cleaned up eh Thayldt? LOL!!!

    Don't worry, it happened to me too! :wink:
  8. hipoint.nut

    hipoint.nut Member

    A PA-63, and a CZ-82 but no Makarov? :?

    Nice collection. I wish I had half that numder of toys.
  9. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    Nope those would be....*gulp* Glocks! :shock:

    Nice collection unclerob! You just need an XD, 1911 and a SAA to complete the family.
  10. :shock:

    CAN HAZ?
  11. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    That would be a Glock G22 .40 cal with a Streamlight M6.
    I got a smokin deal on it from a local LEO that got it as a retirement gift and did not want it.
  12. Nice collection, very nice collection.

    What are the little pistols in with the Ruger .22's?
  13. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    That would be a .22 cal pocketknife/gun.
    It is called "The Survivor" and was made by the "Stinger Pen Gun Corp."
    That unit usually brings between $750 and $1000 at auction.
    More info here:

  14. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    Early .22's. Herbert Schmidt, EMGE, EIG and Kimars.
  15. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    Nope, no Makarov .... yet.
    Just waiting for that prefect little Ruskie to jump in my lap.
  16. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Nice photo... what did you take it with?
  17. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    I took it with one of the oldest cameras I have, a Olympus Camedia C-4000 ZOOM, 4.0
    Works as good as any for posting pics.
  18. :shock: I think I just shat a brick thats alot of handhelds :shock:
  19. Wow! That's a great collection, dude! I'm jealous.