Hanging pistol storage for a Stack-On Gun locker

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  1. z71silverado98

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    I ran out of room in my Stack-On gun locker and wondered if i could make use of some of the extra areas.

    I dont have the shelf installed because my 1300 is too long and i dont have the top ammo unit so the 2 holes used to secure that were available. I bolted a strip of pine w/ 6 rubber coated hooks to the top of the gun locker. now ive got 6 extra spaces.

    there is also a hole on each side of the gun locker where the shelf is supposed to go that another board could be mounted for even more pistol storage.

    Im trying to figure out a way to implement magazine storage into the door of the locker. I dont want to spend a ton of $$ and I dont want to drill any visible holes in fear that a burglar might see that as a weak spot and pound the hell out of my Cab.

    My camera is in for warranty so no pics at this time.
  2. griff30

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    Rare Earth magnets, even small ones can hold upto a pound of wieght. just google it. Ebay occasionally has them. You could probably hang a rifle with a medium sized rare Earth magnet.