Happy Birthday!

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  1. Strangerous

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    TO ME!!!

    I'm 22 now, another year gone by. I do not know how i will celebrate, but i'm sure with my large caring family, i will find some way to have fun. I'm not all about gifts, cards, or money (believe it or not) I enjoy being around friends, family, and creating memories for the future, it's way more valuable than any gift, card, or money.

    SO, With that said FRIENDS... let the posting start...
  2. Happy Birthday Man! Enjoy it and I guess I will just hold on to the Guns I was going to send you because you are not into gifts.

  3. Happy Bday, hope you have a good one !
  4. Anybody with an attitude like Strangerous' is _bound_ to have a happy one. Strange, I like your attitude!
  5. Happy birthday to you. You shold celebrate buy geting yourself a 995.
  6. urotu

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    Happy Birthday hombre, now go get drunk, or whatever else it is you like to do.
  7. Happy Birthday
  8. Happy Birthday. I hope you have an enjoyable day

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

  10. Did you get your ceremonial spankin? :shock:

    Happy Birthday my friend.
  11. Wow, I for some reason I thought you were older. *shrugs* Happy birfday. Mines not to far from now.
  12. AnArmyofRon

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    Happy Birthday. 22 was the age I had to get to and pass. I did so some time ago. Hope you have many more.
  13. Strangerous

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    Thanks folks, even though i had to work, i still ended up getting may calls and txt messages. Somehow i ended up with a chandelier for my new place... see how things just kind of happen? I have to wait untill i unpack to put it up, but now i have some motivation to get it done. :)

    You folks are awesome.
    shadowlands, Estas alucinante? Si!

    Now, i hope when i get home my internet is back on like AT&T said it would. :lol:
  14. elguapo

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    Happy birthday!
  15. Wow, you know Spanish? In South Carolina? Impressive. It's the second language here, of course... I only know a little... but I'm working on it...
  16. Strangerous

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    I know a little spanish, i can usually get a sentence or question out, but if the native tongue'd person i'm talking to doesn't respond with a spanish-speaking 4 year old's vocabulary, I'm screwed, and have to reply "por que?" ... :)
  17. Happy b-day dude! I'll blow a clip downrange in your honor ASAP.