Happy Thanksgivng to you on HPFF

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  1. SteveD

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    Just to say it to all of the good folks on here. Hoping that everyone gets to where they are going and returning from are safe. And the Packers are going to kick Detroit's butt all over the field :wink:
  2. freedom

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    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
    And to all the Hi Point Forum members, Drive safely and watch for those who are not.
    Get home safe.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, and GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Well seeing as I won't be around for a few days Happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday :wink: :lol: I will catch ya all later on on Sunday [maybe if all goes as planned]
  5. Thayldt21

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    Well Thanksgiving in this house one more again rings a new meaning as the Xmas will not be a family event for yet another deployment.

    As I have PCS'd my way out of the millitary 2 and 1/2 years ago it is no secrete that the wife still serves.

    As she came home from lunch like any other day the diference this time was a slight tearfilled eye.

    SHe had just been informed that december before the holiday, is her fly out day.
    For all you preaching opsec get over yourself.

    You can look this up on line and fined out the exact date of fly.

    So she will miss her first Xmas with her 3 month old son, Her first New year and her own Bday.

    One must remember as sad as she is she did expect this and hoped otherwise however it is her job.

    So when someone decides that she cannot Say haapy thanksgiving or merry CHristmas; I say she has earned her right to say what ever the hell she feels. And so have I.
  6. Mike_AZ

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    Dude, that sux, but as you said, knew that when she signed the dotted line. That was why my wife got out when we decide to have kids. She'll be in our thoughts for an uneventful deployment and a safe return.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and Thayldt, please tell your wife thank you from me for doing her part.

    I hope you are back together soon safe and sound.
  8. GlockMan

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    She can use the 3 month old son to get out of the deployment if she is breast feeding or is feeling a bit of PPS. Most times brand new mothers can delay their deployments to care for there new born. Contact the base Chaplin as they will know the best way to defer for the above reasons.

  9. +1 GlockMan!!!

    Hey Thayldt, it's at least worth a try!
  10. billybybose

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    Happy thanksgiving to all my HPFF homies!!!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Stuff your turkeys then stuff your faces!
  12. Wishing everyone here a happy and contemplatively grateful opportunity for taking stock in life.

    I'm off to the northwestern corner of Alabama, where my wife and I will spend three days, with an old friend, in a log cabin on a bluff overlooking the Tennessee River. No phones. No computers. No guns. (unless, in the very unlikely extreme, they're needed for defense :)
  13. Thayldt21

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  14. Happy turkey day guys! Take care and relax!
  15. neothespian

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    Happy thanksgiving to all you guys! Turn off the cellphones, screw the "3AM early bird must have better than everyone because it costs 5 bucks less for 4 hours" sales, and forget football.

    Remember: It's a holiday to remember that if it weren't for the universal kindness of humankind, a select group of isolated colonists would've faced certain death and at the same time, put their best foot forward when most would've thought only of their own survival to a people that before had been regarded with fear.

    And for one brief moment, to peoples who thought they had nothing in common lived in peace. Hokey it may sound, but true. It can happen.
  16. Wishing you all a safe and HAppy Thankgiving.