Reliable, affordable, and accurate, the Hi Point carbine series in all of its variants are definitely more treat than trick, being the perfect gun for zombies both real and reproduction-- as proven by this year's Knob Creek ZSU zombie shoot.

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(Photo: Hi Point Facebook)

The event

Driving through the area south of Louisville, Kentucky and just out of sight of Fort Knox, where the U.S. Government stores its gold, is an area where they have a deep appreciation for another bit of precious metal. Its name is Knob Creek and its home to one of the biggest semi-annual machine gun and artillery shoots anywhere in the world.

For reference (and just because it is a great excuse to watch a video of machine guns and explosions) check this out:

Now that's firepower.

With the shoot held every April and October (this year's April video is above), for the past several falls there has been the addition of the Zombie Shooters United shootout. In this event, participants engage fields of the undead with very live ammunition. These scenarios are often complex in nature and, while the targets are faux, serve as a rough approximation of the (coming?) zombie apocalypse.

Hi Point represents

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(Just look at all the free swag. Hey, wait, is that a 995? Photo Zombie Shooters United)

This year's event involved some nearly 30 ranked shooters who negotiated the course in their best Night of the Living Dead gear. Hi Point was a major sponsor of the event (held just a few hours from their factory in Ohio) and even donated a 995 carbine to "the cause" to be given away as a door prize.

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(Won by J. Sommers, lucky guy. Photo by Zombie Shooters United)

All kidding aside

Back in the real world outside of the zombie shoots (where no actual zombie was harmed during the course of the event), the 995/4095/4595 series carbines in both their vintage and more modernized TS versions make excellent choices for home defense against two and four legged ghouls of all kinds.

Introduced more than 15-years ago, the hardy little Hi-Point is a semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine. It functions via a simple direct blow-back action with few moving parts to break and no complicated action to jam. It is inexpensive constructed using polymers and alloyed metals as much as possible, which lowers its cost while still producing a reliable and capable firearm. With a 16.5-inch barrel, the firearm is only 32-inches long overall and weighs in at 5.75-pounds, making it smaller and lighter than any rifle and most other carbines of similar type.

Best of all, it has a lifetime warranty and spare magazines are cheap and plentiful.

Therefore, there will always be treats for those grown kiddies who go Hi Point.