Hard to lock slide open on C9?

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I own a 995TS and was thinking of picking up a C9 so went into a local store to try it. Im not a firearms expert but I've fired other handguns before (Glock 17, Springfield XD etc) and had no problems. However, when I handled the C9, racking the slide was OK but I found it almost impossible to lock the slide back. It seemed the slide would not go far enough back to allow the catch to engage in the small recess. Even the guy in the store had problems. There was no mag in at the time.


    -Is it usually difficult to lock the slide back on a C9?
    -Does the mag have to be in to lock it back (Or it makes it easier?)

    I am a little disappointed because I was planning on buying one but not sure now based on this experience. I wonder is it just me or maybe it was a bad pistol or slide?

    Comments welcome.
  2. Twisty

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    Yeah. It takes a little bit of a grunt to do it. Giving it that little extra after the rack. After you do it afew times you get the feel and it becomes second nature.

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    NE Utah
    I'd bet most of us just don't bother locking the slide back with the safety. It's easier to use an empty mag and the LRHO, and puts less pressure on the safety lever.
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    When you get one, lock the slide back and let it sit like that for a couple of weeks. That helps to loosen the springs up a bit.
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    What they all said ^^^^^^
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    HP firing pin springs need to "seat". Every time I reassemble one I rack it like a masturbating gorilla. You can feel it loosen up. The springs might have been tangled in the one you checked out. A 2 minute fix.
  7. Twisty

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    I don't know why I didn't think of that. I must be getting stupid.

    Or stupider according to my ex.
  8. Hard to lock slide open on C9

    Hello all, newby here, just bought a C9. I'm a "read the manual" kind of consumer, so I wanted to see and try the functions of the C9, by the book. The first thing I tried was to get the slide to lock open. I just couldn't get it to go rearward far enough to engage the safety. So I joined this forum and read your posts. The post about trying it with an empty mag, worked. I was able to engage the safety but not without some grunting to make the notch line up. Then I found something else.. couldn't disengage the safety. So I removed the mag, and wa-la it works. So, a little daunting..live and learn.