Hard to say goodbye...

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  1. To one of the family.

    My dad just called me and gave me the bad news. After 9 1/2 years, his German Shepard Megan reached the end of her rope. Having hip displacia and chronic arthritis, she's been in a bad way for a few years. He told me that she's not been able to walk for the last 3 days. Here last night, she'd become incontinent and had absolutely no control of her bowels... My dad is so damn tough. He stayed there and comforted her until the end. I don't know if I would have been able to do it.

    I am gonna miss her as she was just as much my dog as she was his. Stuff like this is never easy, but animals are so easy to get attached to. She was part of the family. Sorry to bring you guys down, but I had to get this off my chest...

    Megan, you will be missed, I love you and please rest in peace. I am sorry I wasn't there to be able to say goodbye. I hope you remember me, I'll never forget you.



  2. aww pretty dog bro...Sorry bout the loss

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    sorry dude.
  4. We're with ya, Primal. So sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    My father called me yesterday as well, to inform me that my grandmother had passed away the night before.
  6. You and yours have my deepest condolences. I always pray for my guys on the forum, but you have extra special prayers going heaven-ward for you right now my friend.
  7. That is the one thing I hate about animals, we usually outlive them, and it hurts when you loose that once in a lifetime friend.

    Sorry to hear about it.
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    Thanks, that means a lot.

    To be honest though, it was as much of a relief to see her end her suffering. She's had severe Alzheimer's for several years, and has been virtually bed-ridden for many years. The lack of circulation to her feet caused her to have to have both feet amputated. She's been well-cared for in a top-notch facility, but she lost my grandfather about 5 years ago, and had no close family. Her health did not allow for her to be moved closer to family.

    In a way, I think the Alzheimer's was a tender mercy from the Lord, because she was so far gone that it didn't matter if she'd seen you 3 hours ago, or 3 years ago, she could not remember.

    She was ready to be done suffering, and return to the arms of her Lord and her mate. I have to smile at that prospect...
  9. Uraijit - Sad to hear of your loss as well. Please know we're all praying for your family too, my friend.
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    sorry bout your g'ma Ura
  11. I'm really sorry for everyone's losses in this thread.

    I hate losing pets.
  12. yah ijit...my granny had Alzheimer's as well for a few years before she passed. A terrible disease. But the last time I got to see her she had a glimmer...a moment and she remembered me...called me bubba one last time. Send a prayer out for ya man! She's in a better place than us buddy....
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    Condolences to everyone

    Been there, done that primal. I was the one in your dad's shoes when our shephard/wolf of 13 years passed on. Kids crying everywhere. I remember it like it was yesterday and it has been 6 years.
  14. Sorry to hear it :(. When my dog died, it'd hit me like the loss of a sibling. She practically raised me along with my parents. God Bless, you'll see her in the great doghouse in the sky someday :).
  15. Honestly, my "loss" doesn't even hold a candle to what Ijit's going through. I remember when both my Grannies passed and it was terrible. I lost my Maternal Grandma back in 2001 right before 9/11 and my Paternal Grandma in July 2005 right before Katrina.... Who knew?

    Ijit, I am praying for you dude, I know how hard this is.
  16. Yes, my condolences to you as well Ijit. Sorry, I forgot to add that part before I hit "post". Stay strong buddy.
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    Primal, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to hijack your thread. Just trying to relate to your loss. Please don't diminish your own loss. It's just as real to you as can be. Everybody goes through it at some point, and everybody's emotions are just as real and powerful.
  18. Dude, no hijack at all. No worries. We'll just support each other and we'll be stronger once we heal. It takes time and it's tough, but it's a part of life and there's no changing that.
  19. My thoughts and prayers for both of you
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    Losing family in any form sucks:( My deepest condolences to both.

    But, at least she'll be in good company up there...THIS I know. She'll likely be hanging with my beloved Chairman Mao the Chow Chow (she passed 3 years ago, but she was always a gentle giant and loved meeting new friends). So don't worry she'll have plenty of fuzzy friends up there. All loyal dogs deserve so!


    As for the human loss: We just lost our grand mother in the family about a month ago. She hated me with a passion, but was very close with my little sis. It's never easy.