Harris County Sheriff's deputy killed over night

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by planosteve, Aug 29, 2015.

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    Last night a man walked up behind a deputy that was refueling his squad car and shot him multiple times in the back. He then stood over the deputy and fired several more shots. Will post link when I get home.
  2. SWAGA

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    He shot him from behind in his head and then stood over his dying body and shot him some more.
    His mother turned him in to Police after seeing it on the news.

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    Texas will hang the little Fu##er. Sorry for his fellow officers and family.
  5. Bull

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    Well, here will come another phony BS speech from liberals about gun control.... And another complete disregard of another black on white hate crime.....
  6. RedRaptor22

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    We just lost our 6th officer this year in La, the most recent was a father of two who responded to a domestic call where a man stabbed three women, one died, then fought the officers gun away and shot him to death. The suspect was the officer's cousin.
  7. Condolences, and prayers to the victims family. Hope the killer burns, do they do execution by shock therapy in Texas?
  8. Bull

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    Time for the black lives matter parade to go the way of the confederate battle flag.... Seems to be stirring up way more violence and hate, than the dreaded stars and bars....
    But I guess that would be impossible, since the table is skewed too far for that to fly.
  9. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That's a bad deal. Wonder if the officer would have been more defensive...or offensively... minded, if it wasn't his relative he was dealing with.
  10. MaryB

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    When it forst happened the news reported a dark complected male... god forbid they say black male...
  11. Fracman

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    If they think that the cops were profiling before. See what happens when they shoot few more cops.
  12. Think1st

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    Extremist behavior is a result of individuals, with no vision for achieving success, seeking an avenue toward it by clinging to what they see as a higher cause. Mass murderers also use a shot at notoriety as the motivation behind their actions when they fail in life. Islamic extremists, Neo-Nazis, and other ethnic supremacy movements all come from that same thing.

    The idea that police are the enemy of the black population has been promoted by irresponsible public figures and has now created a new brand of extremist. Assassinating police in the name of racial justice is going to be the new extremist activity, right alongside other terroristic activities if the narrative continues as it has.

    The media and political figures who falsely pushed the "hands up, don't shoot" lie all have blood on their hands. No one would have decided that assassinating the police was a method for achieving justice if those people had not created this narrative.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Execution tomorrow after church. Pack a picnic lunch, beer will be served.
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    Very well said. Where is the "leadership" of the USA on this issue. Where is the "leadership" of the black community. A line has been drawn, and I know which side of the line I am on. The empowerment of criminals in the past year is unnerving and cannot be tolerated.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    It is going to get worse and none of the cockbite liberal TV "journalists" are going to wake up and ask the right questions of the politicians. They are complacent.

    If I was running the country the FEMA camps would be full of politicians, and media hack lying SOB's.
  16. Bull

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    Sad to say, you've got two sets of racist extremists.... And this newest one is a lot more vocal and open with their threats....
  17. Think1st

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    The issue is that there should only be the USA 's leadership. There is no single black community, and there shouldn't be. There are plenty of blacks who resent being lumped into a group based on skin color, and they don't accept that there is any more of a black community than there is a white community. There is only an American community.

    The self-appointed "community leaders" have carried out a self serving power grab--that is all it is. To refer to blacks as members of a homogeneous community is to accuse them all of mindlessness, and I know plenty who would absolutely denounce any association with it.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I work with a lot of black drivers. We see each other in the yard going to and from our rigs, or cars. Some are just complete racists *******s. I have had run ins with 2 of them. Neither work there any more. One threatened me out right at 4am one morning. I told my boss if he ever got in my face again I would slice him from top to bottom. He gave my best friend at work (who is black) a bunch of crap and always left tons of trash and food in his truck. Didn't threaten him but still caused a bunch of trouble. He even blurted out once to the bosses that someone stole his gas and he was going to shoot whoever did it. Turns out his gas gauge was broke. He still had a job. Finally he side swiped another semi crossing some rail road tracks and kept right on going. He got fired for that.

    The other guy hated women, and all whites. He quit after working there 12 years. I had words with him for bringing me trailers with bald tires and non working lights. Just a lazy ass "steering wheel holder" who is gone. He turned one of the old timers against me who used to be friendly with me.
  19. monsterdawg

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    It goes back to the subculture I talked about before when the Darren Wilson thing happened. There is a percentage af black people who fall into that group that follow "leaders" mindlessly. There are white subcultures that are the same way. Skinhead groups, for example. Problem is, the black people who belong to that group are being encouraged to act out in ways that cause destruction and death, and it seems to be acceptable to people like my Governor, for example. Antonio French, a St Louis City Aldrrman is a blacj guy who gained some fame in the Darren Wilson incident, is saying things on the news, unchallenged, that excuse and promote the behaviour of the group. He says it's "understandable" that people who are victimized by police are going to reach a breaking point and act out. Gives a green light to a lot of people.