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Has anyone fired every Hi-Point pistol

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Sorry if this is a stupid question but I wanted to know if anyone here has fired every Hi-Point pistol form the .380-.45 and if anyone has can tell me what each is like in terms of recoil feel and weight.
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I think there are a couple people here that have every Hi-Point made so I would say the answer is yes. Have I? No :(
I have fired:

The C9 has fired flawless and recoil is very well handeled for such a short pistol.

The .40's recoil accually felt less than the C9.. But I had a problem with FTE due to stuck cases in the weapon.
I have the c9 cf380 they are both great guns i have never had a problem with my c9 or cf380 jamming. the recoil on the .380 is very minimal much like the c9 im not a real big guy. They are easy to shoot and easy to maintain lots of fun to customize in my oppinion for the money its the best pistol out. My wife carrys the .380 and she has my baby so i do trust it with my life and she loves it. says its easy to shoot and handle my wife is 5'5 120lbs so any guy or gal should be able to handle either the cf380 or the c9.
I have the 9mm,and the.40. One of my freinds at work has the .45. I have shot these three with full on +p+ ammo to popcorn rounds. For shear plinking I like the bigger frame and 80% loads.
I have a 45, a 9 and a 995. My wife and daughter like the 45 better than any of other guns. They both have little hands, but i think its the weight that makes it shoot well. Recoil is not a problem in the 45, it IS in the 9mm.
:) I'd have to agree with Voyager Al the 45 does not have much recoil at all. The 9mm has a little more it's got to be a weight thing there. Last weekend we fired 1500 reloads on a sat thru mine and the kids wife and myself had a blast my smallest shooter was a 13 year old male whom is built like a gorilla but my oldest daughter has CP in her left arm and leg. She loves firing the 45 and wouldn't shoot any other thing according to her. She yells Dad I need more bullets we have to watch her she loves the firing range. And She's a HI POINT JUNKY as the rest of the family.
Oh by the way my daughter with Ceribral paulsey one handed can out shoot her brother with both. I think it's great handicapped kids get a chance to shoot and experience things as we take for granted.
I have,

For weight to size to recoil and effectiveness ratio I would select the C-9, 9mm. It's very controllable, effective with the proper ammunition and its one of the lightest/compact pistols Hi-Point makes.
I have the c9, 4095, 40 and 45 jhp .Love them all!
I own the C9 Compact and have right at 1500 rounds thru it now. In the past I have fired other C9's, the older metal frame HP 9mm, CF380's and the older metal frame HP380. Not had a chance to shoot a .40 or .45 but have gave them a once over a few times in the shops. I prefer the smaller C9 Compact over the larger pistols because I have smaller hands.

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