Has anyone here actually had to use their HP

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  1. in defense of their home or auto ?
  2. I think someone here did not to long ago (last month or two)... up in Philadelphia... haven't heard from him in a while... probably got advised by his lawyer to stop posting.

  3. Yes there was, he had 2 intruders, and shot one of them.

    Like Bushman said, he probably is laying low until the legal crap is over.
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    i came close at a gas station about 2 weeks ago i was approached by a man wanting some money from me about 9 at night i felt real uncomfortble with the situation i simply opned my door i had my hi-point on the seat he couldent see it i told him several times to walk away didnt listen then when he saw me slide it into my hand and into my pocket he moved on very swiftly thats the main reason i baught the pistol what if i had my kids in the car or somthing thank god for hi hpoint i love my c9
  5. The reason I started buying pistols last month was I had a guy walk up on me in North Jacksonville with a hooded sweatshirt covering most of his face and his hands in his pockets. He got on me quickly just asking for a $1, but he could have knocked me in the head real easily.

    I now carry a S & W 40 in my truck, have a C9 on my side of the bed and my wife sleeps next to a HP 45. I bought the C9 for her and the 45 for me, but decided when I'm out of town (about 1 night a week) I wanted her to have the stopping power of the 45. I will not hesitate to shoot someone if they enter my home, I can only assume they are there to do me and my family bodily harm and I plan on shooting to kill !
  6. Neo recently did, too, though he didn't fire. There story's here somewhere...
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    I had to use my HP .380 (not fire) but to prevent anything from happening. On one occasion I had to pull my .380 on a drunk man who showed up in my front lawn. No one in the neighborhood knew him and he was on my property acting a fool. I asked him to please vacate, he said a few choice words to me, then threatened me physically. After that I pulled my pistol on him, and he quicky left.

    On another occasion I didn't have to draw my weapon, but show I was armed to prevent an incident. I often get mistaken for Mexican, and I'm not. Here in West Virginia we have an illeagle imigration problem that's really getting out of hand. I really feel for the legal Hispanics in our state because they must take a lot of heat over this. I know, because I end up taking it often as well even though I'm not Mexican.

    I was at a gas station filling up, and a vehicle had pulled up with several people. One of them had a father who lost his job due to imigrant workers in the contruction industry here. Well he saw me as a chance to voice his opinion on the matter. He was very rude and was throwing negative ethnic slurs directed at those who are of Mexican/Hispanic decent. I ignored him and paid him no mind, but it escalated and his friends got in on it. I guess me ignoring them really made them more upset as they then started to approach me. I turned towards them, so that they could clearly see I was armed. (I love open carry). They saw my weapon and that pretty much ended it.

    I have not doubt that my HP's would be more than capable of protecting my family, home, and self. They're very reliable weapons, and I'd trust my life to one.
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    i know how you feel in a itialin indian britsh mix more itilain than anything elese but i get the same bs as you do as far as being of mexican desent
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    I've had to draw it twice in my life, and have had to use it once:

    The most recent time was in an attempt to steal one of my cars and a motorbike out of my own garage by tying a chain to the Honda and ripping it out of the carpark with a truck! Here's the rundown on that. Thankfully no one was hurt, and one of the theifs had a warrant. The other had arms and was drunk. Things ended peacefully.


    The other time was a while ago when I was living in Phoenix. I drove a cab in between working shows, and picked up a fare in the Mill Avenue club district who wanted a ride to South Phoenix (16th Street and Southern Ave). As I rolled up, I saw two others and the rear passenger pulling something out of his bag. He told me to get out of the car, so I did calmly.

    After out, I saw one of the lads in front had a baseball bat, and the other a sawed off breakload shotgun. Didn't know what the other had, but didn't want to push things. Was only out of the car for about 15 seconds when another car passed the dead end, and the guy behind me freaked out and started running the opposite direction. I reacted as did the other two.

    Luckily, everyone survived and I had to deal with my C9 being in possession of Phoenix's Finest for about 2 and a half months and the worry of being charged with something I didn't expect. The shotgun turned out to be inoperable but the kid had 2 felonies already, and recovered fully. The passenger who baited me was found because of the in-cab camera surveliance system. He attempted to hire another cab to grab some child off the street and luckily THAT cabbie had the morals to keep him in check for the police.

    That was about 2 months before joining this board.

    Since then I've been lucky enough to lead an uneventful life (other than inept drunk car theives...) as a full time arts director. But, it's something that is still on my mind, and probably won't ever forget. Thankfully there hasn't been a death from my actions.