Has anyone installed a ATI bolt on a Mosin Nagant ?

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  1. Is it hard ? does it work good ?

    I've been told about a guy who will make a nice looking one for $35 on auction arms, but since I have the ATI one coming with the scope mount I'd like to try it first. It would be no big deal if I screwed it up because he doesn't need my bolt body to do one for me, he will even stamp my SN # on it if I want him too.

    Here's his link
  2. Wow, not bad at all. Don't have one, but it is very nice.

  3. Mordecai

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    I've fired my buddies with it and it worked flawlessly, its just a standard mosin bolt with a bent handle....
  4. hitmanharleyk,

    Check out the Mosin Nagant section on http://surplusrifle.com they have about all the info one could ask for on this rifle.

    Here is a direct link to the MN bolt disassembly & reassembly....

    I had one M91/30 that had a sporter bolt on it, functioned fine but I prefer the military straight bolt because I never scoped any of my Mosins. Not sure if the bolt on that rifle was from ATI or another source because it was like that when I purchased the rifle.

    Good luck with your project gun.

  5. The ATI Bolt handle is a drill and tap project.

    You have to cut the current handle off leaving a 3/16" stub, you then slid the new one over the stub and drill, tap a hole for a screw to attach it.

    I'm going to do it and see how it works, if I don't like it I can always get one from the above guy for $35.