Has this happened to you? how did you deal with it?

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    I don't know how to title this post or where to put it but here goes, after selling a stereo to a friend who lives next door he decided he didn't want to make the payments we had agreed on, even though he upped the price from what i was asking. This guy waited till I wasn't home and threatened my wife who called 911 and he took off. Since then he has went to the police and is trying to get a restraining order on us saying I threatened him verbally with a gun, he knows I open carry, to make it dumber he says he's visiting his son next door and don't live there when that's not his son and he does in fact live there even though he's no on the lease. Now I have to go to court and deal with his BS, I'm wondering what kind legal impact this could have and what could I do? I know you guys aren't lawyers and can't help like that I'm just looking for any advise and or experiences that may be similar and how you delt with it. Thank you for reading this and I hope I'm not out of line for posting this here.
  2. Only one bit of advise, do a better job of choosing your friends.

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    It sounds to me like the fact that he threatened your wife, causing her to have to call 911, should give you greater cause to file for a restraining order. The 911 call is a record of the fact and should reinforce your case.

    Meanwhile, if the amount that he still owes you is great enough, take him to small claims court, and sue him for the rest.
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    And that's why anything I sell that requires a payment plan has a written contract signed by all parties and a witness for both sides. I recently sold a van in "as-is" condition to a good friend of my woman. She tried to refuse to make the final two payments citing repair costs they incurred for problems I disclosed prior to the sale and in the contract. I also kept a set of keys to the van and added a repo clause. I repossessed the van, they called the cops. The troopers took one look at the contract and walked away. I got paid, they got the van back.
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    Also get a lawer
  6. First step is get a copy pf the police report. Second, talk to a lawyer, and listen to what he is telling you to do. Keep in mind that it is highly likly that your wife will not be able to testify for or against you. Not sure if that is a state by state or federal deal, but I know that is the deal where I have lived. She can still testify against him either way.

    Lastly, hang out with a better class of losers. ;)

    Good luck. hope all turns out well.
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    If he threatened your wife, beat his a$$.
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    Now now no legal advice just give options ;-)
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    If he went to the police after he threatened your wife, the 911 call should help sway things your way in court
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    The 911 tape is out of reach as we have no car and we have to go to the state police barracks at the state capitol and pay to get it, also the officers that arrived didn't write a thing down due to a serious lack of give a damn so there is no police report either. I hear you guys about the friend thing, that's why I don't deal with many people and I don't presume to have any friends, I was simply trying to make some money the quickest legal way I could. One thing though the paperwork I received had no dates as to when any of this took place and it wasn't a restraining order we have to go to court to see if he has a case for getting one. I don't really expect much to come of it anyhow it just irks me that this might cause me to have to wait days or weeks or whatnot the next time I want to buy a firearm.
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    If the police came dispatch will have a report. So you can find out the officers names and you can suepena them to court to testify. It there fault for not doing a report. I would have there ass if they didn't do any paperwork if they worked under me.
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    I'm sure one day I'll get a good legal reason to knock the stuffing out of this chump, but until then I'll let it fester, the longer I wait the worse it will be.
  13. He ain't worth it Bro. posting it on an open forum is ill advised at best, as the DA, or investigating officers might be Hi Point owners and see this forum at some point, so if something were to happen to him, you just made yourself more of a suspect by doing so.

    Look at it the way I do. I ask myself 2 questions whenever I get to that point. Is this guy worth me losing the right to vote, own a firearm, or my freedom for the years that I will if I beat him to the degree he deserves? Most of the time (Hey, I'm human, and sometimes it's really tempting.) I decide it isn't, and further pi$$ them off by laughing and walking away.

    And number 2: Do I have a good place to hide the body. ;)

    I dealt with worse from my own in-laws while I was dating their sister. I took my lumps during that time, and I gave more back in some ways, less in others (most lumps were to my pride, their's were not limited to their pride.). I pout up with the [email protected] they pulled, LE was called over their actions a few times, never for mine, and in the end, we got married. They stood down at that point, and we all pretty much ignore each other.

    Sometimes you just have to let it go, as life has a way of doing more damage to them than you can. Now, if he puts hands on a family member, (Which they did in my case) do what you have to, just make sure that you are in the right when you do.

    Over money and a stereo. just not worth it.
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    His wife can testify. She can't be forced to testify in most situations, but she can willingly testify.
  15. Record, Record, Record both wife, and you. That way when the judge sees the recording the nasty neighbor is screwed.
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    Correct, better to pay someone else to beat his ass while you are in a room full of impartial witnesses
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    I think the important question........how much money are you out ? and is it worth it.

    From what I can see, and I aint no lawyer, see he doesnt live there, you can ask the judge to request the 911 tape and let the judge know, his application for a restraining order was damage control after having the cops called on him, and to stop you from being able to collect money owed since you cant go near him.

    Next, tell the judge, since he doesnt live there, he can simply not come around, and you wont be near him.

    Lastly, dont be entirely forthcoming, if you maybe did yell or raise your voice, dont recall that
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    I get what you are saying I just meant that people like that get bold when you don't confront them or get violent when thats what they would do, eventually they will think they have you scared and will become violent. That's when the "legal reason" comes in because when someone puts their hands on you, you have every right to defend yourself. Let me be clear and state that I have no ambitions of shooting anyone, I would much rather handle stuff with a good fight if it ever came down to it and I don't like to fight. People have enough pain and misery in their lives and don't need me adding to it, plus hurting people sucks I've been on both sides of the hurt and never enjoyed either.
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    I only sent him a few texts saying I want my money or my stereo, he was hiding out somewhere and didn't show his face until after I got the papers. Thanks for the advise, I didn't know I could request the judge get the 911 tape.