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Haskell JS-45 almost new in box

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Hey y'all! I'm brand new here, and am trying to find a new home for this. I've had it stored for YEARS, but would like to know if there is any collector's value at all? Someone told me I could get $500 for it and I didn't believe him. I was going to list it on GB, but that is looking like more of a hassle. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Haskell Model JS-45 in .45 ACP
Nickel Finish
Original Model
Shot maybe 20 rounds total, ever
In like new condition, stored for many years
Includes case and 7 Round Magazine, as shown in photos
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Market determines value. Pay no attention to the haters. I'd list it at 650 and just slowly lower the price until you hit that sweet spot. My guess is you will find SOMEONE that will pay 350 easy. But if you have a buddy you trust willing to pay 300 I'd prob take that. Bird in hand. But anyone claiming 150-200 is insane even back in 2014. Today about ANY gun is worth 200.
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