Have AKs jumped way up?

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  1. So now that my buddy and I know how to take the Lo-cap WASRs and convert them to hi-cap several other pals want us to do it for them. They called Dunham's (where my buddy got his Lo-cap for $250 ish only a few months ago) and were told the lo-cap 7.62x39s were $460!!!
    You could get a hi-cap off gunbroker shipped for less than that.
    Are they going crazy high in price or what?
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    As they have gottn more popular and there's more "converted" ones being sold for $$$ it has driven the prices up. The election is also fueling concerns that you should buy it now before any new restrictions are put into place by Barack.

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    Yeah I think the election is pushing prices in a lot of firearms up. In this area anyway, lots of people are buying as much as they can before we get hit with another one of those stupid bans.

    I got my hi-cap GP WASR-10 (+ cleaning kit, magazine bag, oil can, strap, bayonet, and 2 30 round magazines) for $400 in 2005 on the day I turned 18. Last time I saw one they were up close to $500 around here. I don't check much though, so it could have just been a fluke at that place.

  4. J&G Romanian WASR HiCaps for $349


    DDsRanch Romanian WASR HiCaps for $369 (They sometimes sell shipping included. Call and ask)


    Sarco has them, others as well. Sarco used to sell lo-caps for about 40 dollars less but now they only list HiCaps at $314.

    Good luck. :wink:
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    Prices are going up. I'm just lucky I live near to J and G and have a state with (up until recent) decent gun laws. It's also part of the reason I'm going SKS with modification than AK. I can get the same things I want in a gun at half the price, which is allowing me to also pick up my PA-63 and a good grip of ammo to boot.

    If you're smart and do a fair amount of research you can find good deals still, but they are getting harder. The key is knowing what you want out of a gun and what your application is going to be. There are PLENTY of options other than an AK that perform just as well, and in some cases better. If AK's are getting too expensive, look into Saigas (if you can find them in your area) that start around $250 or modifying an SKS to fit the bill, which will come out to about the same price of $250 to $300.
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    My local gunstore has WASR hicaps for $250. The local Dunhams has WASR locaps for just over $200 when on sale (usually a couple weeks every month) and $240 when not on sale.
  7. Can you provide a link/phone number?
  8. Well we were calling all the ones on MN and they do seem to have jacked up the price. They were saying this week they are on sale for $399. Bloody shame, dunhams used to have great prices around here.
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    The Dunhams I go to has the underfolder ak's for $399. You got to watch Dunhams when talking to them on the phone. When I Bought my hi-point 40 carbine from them I attempted calling them for verify price and how many they had. The first guy I talked to said they don't carry handguns, the next never heard of hi-points. I them asked for the manager and she said they have them but not in 40 caliber, she said they only had them in 7.62x39. I then decided I wasted enough time on the phone (30+ mins.) and drove the 15 miles and bought my 40 carbine (was on flyer special for $219 w/ scope). They had 5 each of 995's and 4095's on the rack.
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    did you tell them that they were idiots?
  11. Man I wish they were only 15 away. From me they are all at least an hour. Maybe it's worth my pals and I running up there next weekend and hitting the range on the way back.
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    Oftentimes the price might not be worth the drive, but a good shop is! I live about 90 minutes away from J and G it's well worth the trip, and not just for the price. They have an excellent stock of all things Eastern Bloc and if they don't have it, they know who to get it from, and their ammo is some of the best I've seen anywhere in terms of price and quality. I only wish that they carried Hi-Points, but there are still a few in there who aren't as open minded as their other co-workers (Was talking to one clerk about Hi-Points, and one of the tools behind the counter started talking alot of smack about the guns and the people who owned them. One of the other clerks put him in his place and the guy I was dealing with said "Pay no attention to the douche behind the curtain" :p )
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    It's probably safe to assume that,due to politics, the price of ALL guns,ammo and related items, will rise very soon. Granted,there are some greedy,unscrupulous dealers,but all dealers,by profession or hobby, are having to prepare for the gravy train to soon end. That means the Washingtonian imposition of hard times for the unprepared families that depend on the firearms industry to make a living. Get ready and if possible, buy now.
  14. If there were wasr hi caps for 250 by me I would have 2 right now lol....
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    Done, and then some :wink: this place has saiga's for $180, been thinking of getting one of these and doing the conversion too.
  16. Wow...wonder what I could get for my milled Bulgarian SLR101 these days!?

    (Not that I'd ever sell her....)
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    Well, the key here is "concern" and "potential for..."

    There are extremists on both camps when it comes to the buying and selling of arms. Many think that ANY Democrat who comes into office will make the repealing of the 2nd amendment top priority, while others think that the next election will see an increase in attacks on the Afghan and Iraq fronts no matter WHO is elected, reducing the source for arms and ammo to the public. Yet more are not even worrying about the election, but the decreasing economic status in this country. All of these are leverage factors that ALL arms dealers take into consideration and even use. The trick is to prioritize and, right now, determine what you want out of a selection of types of arms and buy now if you can.

    BUT, you need to buy smart because as we have seen many dealers will find that nerve in us all to hit in order to scare us into higher prices and more purchases that we may not need or even want. I myself will admit that I'm concerned with the falling dollar and imported materials used in my ammo and arms. Does it prompt me to buy more Russian and Eastern Bloc weapons than I normally would in a year's time? A definite yes. Normally I would put off buying a Makarov caliber pistol until I finish my current project, but J and G made their position and sales pitch like a good sales group and I bit, putting my bid down on a PA-63 along with my rifle. Why? Because at $99, it's a deal "too good to pass up".

    The difference is the prices are better here than in most places :p
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    And yes, ever since discovering these guys I've become one of their biggest fans! Cheap ammo, friendly and fast service, and a GREAT resource for millsurp stuff.
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