Have Any Bad ProMag Magzines?

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  1. Strangerous

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    I for one it's time to test another company's lifetime warranty...
    For those of you who have a ProMag magazing that is not up to par
    with your factory magazine, Please contact ProMag via the best
    method for you; The Telephone, FAX Number, and Address, is listed
    at the bottom of the provided link. (Below the picture)
    Thank you, Have a nice day. :)
  2. Uraijit

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    I bought 3 ProMag 33rounders for my 9mm M4, and they run like a dream.

  3. Strangerous

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    Then this thread was of no help to you, as the ProMags for the Ar-15's and firearms like that often do work "like a dream" but for semi-auto pistols, if I said it was hit-or-miss, I'd be candy coating the truth. :lol:
  4. Uraijit

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    This thread can be for me if I want it to. You can't kick me out of your thread! :p

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Have Any Bad ProMag Magzines? Nope they are all bad in my opinion :wink: :lol: YUP I is a smarty!!
  6. Aren't the Promag 9mm Hipoint carbine mags junk (well at least, unfinished so we need to finish them?).

    Their AK mags leave a lot to be desired (plastic mags).
  7. Sniper 995

    Sniper 995 Guest

    my promag hi-point 15rnds work good, i didn't have to do anything to em or "finish" them. I have never tried their ALL polymer mags, as I shy away from any polymer or plastic mag of any brand unless they have metal feed lips (10/22).
  8. Space

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    Fool me once, shame on you...

    Fool me twice, shame on me...

    I will never buy anything that has the name ProMag on it again.
  9. wd6bgn

    wd6bgn Guest

    Pr-Mag problems.

    I bought three mags from an online store. ALL three failed on the second shot, then the third shot, about every other shot.
    This was for my 995.
    I just didn't want to take weeks trying to send them back to Pro_mag, then having them not work. So I called the store and no problem took them back. The store even credited me for my shipping!
    The differance after I asked for Hi-Point mags? $3.75
    Sorry to say it, but my experiance with Pro_mag has been 100% bad.
    I'm sure a bend here, a tweek there would have made the mags run fine. Problem is I'm not Pro-Mags final test department.

    While I would love to have 15+ round mag, I may consider one, but I would need to see some better reports.
  10. 2 Promags for a P 89 Ruger= did not function

    4 Promags for a Hi-point 995= did not function

    3 Promags for a 1911 clone= did not function

    1 Promag for a AK 47= did not function

    No more Promags for me!!!?
  11. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Test out the lifetime warranty!!! Please!!! Take one for the team!!!
  12. wd6bgn

    wd6bgn Guest

    Ok, not to be mean, but why should I be bothered to send a brand new mag back for warranty work? I could see using that if the mag was old used and dropped on the ground from IDPA shooting or something like that. But brand new out of the blister pack?
    Again I see no reason to be somebodys test department.
    Look at it like this. Suppose you buy a brand new car. It has 000002 miles on it. You sign all the paperwork, get in and turn the key, and the engine falls out. So the salesman says, "Thanks for buying my car, the warrenty department is conviently located only 600 miles away. Take your car there and they will fix it free." Sound stupid?

    It is this sort of manufacturing planning that is killing American buisness. Cutting every penny they can so the higher ups can have big paycheck. Somehow the customer is just taken for granted.

    Sorry to rant, but I worked in production for almost 30 years. From recieving inspection to final test. Been there, done that. I have been in companies that have folded because of stupid polices. like in CA there are a lot of Mexican people working on production lines, stuffing parts. This is a mind numming job, but they have to get every part right, every time. Some PC boards had thousands of parts. We got a middle manager that made some comment about lazy A** Mexicans. The entire crew wrote one letter of resgnation and 45 signatures. The company was shut down for almost three weeks untill a new crew could be brought back up to speed. The manager was not fired on the spot, in fact he did it again! At this time there were only three or four companies making disk drives, two months later there was one less.

    So, the only way I would try a pro-mag now, is on spec. If it works, I'll then pay for it.

    Remember in maufacturing or sales, you are only as good as your last sale.

    Customers Rule!
  13. I already tested their warranty, I called them and talked to a very nice lady who sent me a postage paid package for me to send my 2 ProMag 995 15 rd mags back.

    They did not ask for proof of purchase or anything.

    Sent them back and promptly received 2 brand new mags in return.

    Their mags may be lacking, but at least in my one experience with them, their customer service was excellent.

    Hope this helps
  14. wd6bgn

    wd6bgn Guest

    Too late.

    I'm glad you had a good experiance. I didn't call them, I just went back to the place I bought them and was all done.
  15. I purchased the P 89 mags at a Gun show and still have them. You want to buy them from me?

    I called and had the 2 995 mags that I bought replaced with 2 new ones. That = 4 Promags for the 995

    I sent back the new 2 995 mags and traded for 3 mags for my 1911 clone (from Promag). They did not work ether.

    The AK 47 mag is still called a Coyote mag at Sportman's Guide. and it came in a Promag bag. It will not latch in to the rifle with a full mag.


    I'm not going to "take one for the team" any more.