Back in 2013, following the nationwide legislative push to bring about new gun control laws to include any number of both Federal and State "assault weapon bans" in which the humble Hi-Point Carbine in all its variations was targeted, the price of those guns skyrocketed. Made a scapegoat of the gun control lobby and listed among the Top 20 guns to be banned outright and by name, these short little rifles were on everyone's 'to own' list.

In May 2013, during the height of the "Great Gun Grab" we did a survey of online gun classifieds (as the local retailers were long sold out) and found that people were asking as much as $1,000 for their carbines and getting successful bids at over $880!

That was 2-3 times the price of MKS/Hi-Point's suggested retail price of the time.

Heck, when the gun was introduced back in the 1990s it was the $179 special and used models, primarily the early generation Planet of the Apes-style carbines, could be had for the right bargain hunter for a hundred dollar bill.

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With this in mind, the street price of a 995 had reached about 1000 percent inflation.

Well, the federal gun control push largely died out in Congress and only a few states (Connecticut, New York, Maryland) expanded their local laws to include the Hi-Point and others on purely cosmetic and arbitrary grounds. This meant demand plummeted as the panic buying subsided.

All the while Beemiller, the entity that produces the guns, kept cranking them out for the masses.

How many are out there?

Beemiller's production of their carbine line over the past few years has been pretty much set at about ~100 rifles per day every day. In 2010, they produced 35,300 and repeated that the next year. Figures for 2012 (go to page 37) show some 36,300, a very slight jump. Figures for 2013 are not available yet as the ATF keeps them purposely a year behind at the industry's request--but you can bet they likely topped the old one by a large margin.

With this steady supply, and the fact that the gun has been in production for now almost twenty years, you can rest assured that there are likely a half million or better of these handy carbines in circulation now. With the gun grabbers slowed down (but not stopped), there is now an apparent surplus of Hi-Point carbines of all sort on the market.

What are today's prices?

Current Hi-Point MSRP runs from $297 for the standard 995TS gun in the box to $482 on the 4595TS factory equipped with a forward grip, light and laser. Of course, street price is a bit less.

New in box guns on both Gunbroker and Armslist seem to be bringing in $315-$375 in a review of the past 90 days of activities on those online classifieds. As far as used guns, they of course are going lower. For instance a very nice looking Model 995 with an ATI Custom Stock and four mags went for $337 in November

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As you see, this gun was really nice and included a scope and rings. Many used offerings went for considerably less.

How much less?

Try this:

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Therefore, it would seem that there is no time like the present to stock up.

Because you know, the grabbers will come back around one day.

They always do.