Have to sell my like new 995TS

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  1. I have, and it was ok. Yeah, I had a few flaky replies, but in the end it was no problemo.

    I did have a guy show up with his teenage son, told him he had to wait outside. And I was carrying (I'm sure he was too) and I had a couple of handguns in ready-to-access spots.
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    I was told that for buying at a shop I could only get 1/2 of what I paid...I imagine trade credit might be about the same.

  3. Yeah, go to a gun shop and you'll get screwed for sure. Go with Armslist, Gunbroker, or one of the other gun auction sites.
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    Well let’s say you paid $300.
    Private sale you could get $250 for the gun.
    At a gun store you may negotiate $200 in store credit (leave them $50 markup) and negotiate some on the purchase of your new (or used) handgun. Free background check, free box of ammo, free holster.
    That kind of thing.
    Don’t be a dick just ask nicely.
    You’ll only be out another $20-30 from a private sale and have none of the hassle.
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    I sold some ammo I didn't need face to face off this website.
    The guy that bought the ammo noticed I was a newbie and mentioned that the trade board used to have a ton of firearms for sale, but much less now due to Covid, riots, etc. It's a sellers market, but for the right item and right price!

    And as I never like to sugar coat, you'll probably have to take more than a $50.00 loss on a $650.00 pkg offer. The shipping cost and dealer transfer fee for a out of state buyer will eat up that $50.00 savings off retail. Depends upon how much time you want to sit on the rifle.
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