Having a problem with my 995 w/ATI stock

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  1. Ok, the problem was that the mag release broke. I called BeeMiller and got a new part. The old mag release was broken, as it was plastic. The new mag release, however, won't keep a loaded mag seated and locked. An empty mag seats and locks in and it's good to go. With a loaded mag, I lock and load, pull the trigger and when the bolt cycles, the mag drops out. This is disconcerting. This has NEVER happened before, and I hate it. I don't want to send the 995 in to BeeMiller as I prolly won't get my ATI back with the gun. They will set it up with a new factory stock and wish me the best of luck. SO, what should I do?

    1, Send it in and take my chances.


    2, Put the factory stock back on the 995 and see how it works.

    You guys be the judge, as I don't know what to do anymore.
  2. couple of thoughts:

    It "SHOULD" work - so something's wrong. I know that sounds obvious but there's only a few things that can be wrong.

    I'd put the original back on and see what happens before sending back.

    That said...... Take the ATI apart and inspect closely - maybe there's some missing plastic that's causing the catch to be seated to far? Maybe there's extra plastic on the other end, or the warped, causing it to seat too far and not catch. Is the catch the right one? Did they send you the one for a 4095 that "doesn't quite fit". Was your 995 older, and the pin they sent you was for a slightly different model, one the ATI wasn't really designed for? Did you lose the spring on the catch? Is it the right spring? Is the spring well too deep? Are the parts the EXACT same size, old and new? Does it happen on all mags? Are the holes big enough for the catch to travel freely so once it engages, it does so completely? Are the holes too big and the catch is loose in this placement? NONE of the last few should be possible with a molded part - HOWEVER - there's something called mold-flash, which is extra plastic in the mold, or at a seam, etc. It happens, and could cause issues on part interfaces.

    That's my list! I'd try all those and putting the old one back on before sending it back. Good luck!

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    Have you taken the top cover, barrel and receiver out of the ATI stock and looked down in the pistol grip area to see whats going on? With that stuff out you should be able to see the action of the mag release.

    Bad spring maybe?
  4. I have read on the old board, that someone had sent in their 995 with the ATi, and they sent he stock back, and put his carbine back in a fatory stock. Just call them and be straight up with them. could put it back in the factory stock to see if it works to.
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    I recall reading in the old forum someone with this exact problem...dont remember the fix, though.
  6. Have your cake and eat it to.

    Factory stock was engineered to be reliable.
    ATI stock was engineered to be sylish.
    Want it to work right or look cool?
    I'll stick with the factory unit.

    Don't send the ATI back to HP,they are niether responsible or required to diagnose and fix a non factory stock.
    If you buy a new car and then put aftermarket wheels on it, then have any kind of problems with your suspension.
    Guess what? the dealership can wriggle out of any warranty claims if you didn't have the wheels installed by them.
    I used to work at a dealership,I've seen this happen many times.
  7. Re: Have your cake and eat it to.

    I don't have a 995 yet, but I'm fortunate, in that I prefer the factory stock. :D

    However, I have to wonder if the (rumored) new stock is a defensive measure, in view of Hi-Point's (rumored) skyrocketing warranty costs: give 'em something that'll keep 'em happy so they don't screw around with aftermarket stuff.

    But, as others have already said, I think it's only fair to try it out with the original stock before sending it back.
  8. I agree with putting it back in the factory stock and seeing if it still has problems. Basic troubleshooting. If it still has problems, send it back to Hi Point in the factory stock and go from there.
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    I initially had trouble with mags hanging up in the ATI stock.I disassembled the stock and noted that mag release was not completely releasing the mags, by adjusting the outside screw then locktiting it in place, I was able to get it work reliably with the oem mags and the pro-mag mags.Sounds like yours is set too far in, whereas mine was set too far out.It's very easy to see with only the stock and the mag release.
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    Thats what I was trying to get at... I just didn't say it that good..
    I know my 995 in my ATI Stock works flawlessly. So you can have it work right and look cool 8) at the same time.
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    If it worked with the factory Hi-Point stock then the ATI stock is to blame. Give ATI's customer service a call and see what they say.
  12. Alright boys, this is what I am going to do.

    Tomorrow, when I get home from work, I am going to make the switch from the ATI to the factory stock. Then I am going to the range on Sunday to test the weapon for function and reliablility. If it still doesn't work, it's going back to Hi-Point. If it does work, then it's gonna stay in the factory stock forever.... Other than that, what do I have to lose?
  13. If it works in the factory stock, check with ATI. The stock should work and they should be able to diagnose the problem.
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    I would really take the receiver out of the ATI and look down in there and see whats going on first. It might become apparent when you can see whats actually going on...

    I just hate to see you loose the $ on the ATI. It really makes the 995 even nicer and is a great upgrade.

    A BIG +1 to what Benny said...
  15. You spend hard earned bucks on the ATI stock, and you like the way it looks.

    If putting the guts back in the factory stock tells you its a problem with the ATI stock, call ATI and ask for help.

    What have you got to loose at this point?
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    Or you could sell the ATI stock to me ;)
  17. or donate it to me for one of my experiments.... :wink: :p
  18. What do I have to lose? Nothing at this point, cuz I can't shoot it as it is, and that's frustrating as hell. The thing is, I have taken that mag release out several times, most of those times at the range while trying to shoot and I haven't been able to see a problem yet. The only thing that I have seen is that the mag release button cover itself, where the screw goes in is bowed ever so slightly outward, probably from tension from the spring. As it's brand new, that's to be expected, and I can deal with that. As I get more age on the unit itself I expect that to ease up some. Maybe that's the entire problem here. It's a brand new part and it needs time to loosen up/break in. I am going to switch to the factory stock tomorrow and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, then it's back to factory for me, and I'll let you guys know what I plan on doing with the ATI. Hell, I just bought the butt pad from Benny and haven't even had a chance to install it yet.... That'd be a hell of a deal for the Pay It Forward thread, eh?
  19. Question - if the release pin plate were bowing out I have to ask what might cause that? If the spring were too strong, would that make the mag release "harder" to release? I might expect the mags to not come out or require more force instead of falling out. Just a thought.

    Stupid question, last one, the bowing from the cover, are you sure it's seated properly? I know the cover is two pieces and if not rotated just right, they won't seat.

    I'm done........ good luck!
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    +1 I just checked and my cover sits flush. Sounds line something is not seated/orientated right...