Having bulets shipped in NY state

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Hot-Shot, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Hot-Shot

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    Just read a message on my bullet suppliers website (lead only) They cant ship to individuals in NY have to go through an FFL dealer for pickup at a charge, no doubt. What's next??
  2. bscar

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    Somehow they think having a background check to buy ammo will stop criminals from shooting people

  3. Bull

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    Yeah..... Because the homies are notorious for rolling their own ammo...
  4. What's next from the anti-freedom forces or from us freedom loving people?

    From them, the jackboot to the throat of those that don't do as ordered. This has nothing to do with crime control, murders, etc.

    From us, at the macro level arm and revitalize the state militias. If a number of states do so, all the state will be forced to do the same.

    If you what next question is directed at what one can do today, then one needs to make their own bullets, etc. Be they cast, swaged or machined.
  5. Rachgier

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    Actually, components don't require a background check, yet, only the assembled ammo requires it. Quite possibly your supplier is like several other firearms/munitions companies who refuse to send anything to NY, or are in CYA because of this state's muffed up attempt at disarmament.
  6. Bull

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    I'm with you on the CYA.... Doomberg and his cronies could file frivolous lawsuits at any time just muck up distributors cash flow defending themselves.