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I almost felt like I needed to post in the Welcolm Aboard forum!

Life dealt me a pretty foul deck lately. But I have been drawing Aces and Face Cards lately. Had to work almost 3 weeks straight. DOT changed the HOS rules and our service provider sent an over the air upgrade to the trucks. The upgrade failed. Had to replace the computers in the trucks. Dealing with the girl's ato accident, and my oldest living daughter's sick family.

The girls are doing well for the most part. There will be some scars, but after the impact they suffered I am glad to still have them. The daughter and granddaughters are doing fine and are over the covid. The son in law is still not recovered, but is doing better.

To add insult to injury, I left my IPad Pro on the roof of the car. It rode there for a couple of miles before deciding to take flight. I thought I had hit a bird until I got to work and had no tablet. Still waiting on insurance to replace it. My phone will not let me on HPFF because it says the you guys are unsafe. Something about the security certificate. I know better. You guys are unstable, but safe enough. :D Bought another tablet today and it thinks you guys are stabl....I mean safe enough!

I see Moonz has run a newby off, and my good friend Swags is still campaigning for socialism. Love ya anyways Sbwags!

Anyways, it's good to finally be back. Hope the feeling is mutual. Hush Cicpup, you keep quiet! :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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