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    Just wanted to say hi all, from here in waterboro maine, and I am a proud hipoint owner recently. I purchased a cf380 used from a buddy for 125$, with a nice fobus paddle holster. I will be getting pics shortly, I have to borrow a camera, I've done some mods to it already, I've polished the feed ramp and the whole barrel. I also took some cool looking rubberized grip tape and put that on the grips. Feels nice lol. Ohh yeah and i painted the front sights green instead of yellow, yellow is harsh to me eyes lol.
  2. welcome and good job for the sight. post some pix, we like pictures.

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    Welcome to the forum! Lots of good folks and good info here. And look out...Hi-Points are like potato chips, you can't have just one :)
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    Welcome. I love my CF380. 'tis a great little shooter! A tip, when you find a good price on ammo, buy all you can!
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    Hey kyu, do u know any good places online to buy maybe like surplus .380 ammo or something to that effect, thanx.
  6. Welcome...

    Beware, there is a virus that is very contagious and you catch it when you buy your 1st Hi-Point. The predominant symptom is the urge to buy another one and another one and another one and another one and another one and another one...... Must go, must buy Hi-Point... :D

    The Grim Sweeper

    Proud owner of a Hi-Point C9 and a CF380
  7. Welcome! Lots of good info and good people here.
  8. Welcome to the forum. You'll like it here, So far I think everyone here is nice, no one has been bitten yet.
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    Not sure. While I know that .380 has been a military round, I am sure that supply has long ago dried up. In my area I find it's not too expensive. I can get Wolf, Blazer, WWB, and similar cheep ammo for $8-9/ 50 rnd. box. What I have determined is I need to stock up when I can find it for less than that!

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  11. Welcome and Enjoy! :wink:
  12. Welcome to the HPFF and congrats on the CF380!

    To my knowledge there is no surplus deals on .380acp. Cheapest ammo I can think of would be Winchester White Box at Wal Mart in the 100rd Value Packs. Other than that you may come across a good deal on Wolf or perhaps some CCI Blazer or Blazer Brass. Before I started reloading my own .380 I would buy factory reloads from a local ammo dealer, usually cost $6-$7 per 50rds and was good enough for range ammo.
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    welcome to the forum! You will like it here....good info, good people
  14. welcome to the fold!