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  1. I have had and have many firearms...AK's...AR's...Mosins...Swiss K31's...Enfields etc (Have a C&R license)

    Recently just for the heck of it bought a Hi-Point 995 carbine...
    Couldn't say no at the price:
    $150 otd with 3 mags...the mag pouch that goes on the buttstock...laser...the accessory bag with tools and Weaver rail.

    I just bought the barrel shroud from:

    Next will be the ATI stock....

    What kind of scope or Red dots do you guys suggest?
  2. $150 OTD??? who's life did you threaten? lol that's an insane price. Especially with all the extras.

  3. Thats nothing...been very lucky this year

    Got an Armcorp Nat'l match M14 with McMillan stock for $500...sold it for $1,000
    Got an Armscorp M21 for $375...sold it for $700
    Got 2,000 rds of HSM .308 match ammo with the above guns...sold ammo for $600

    Got an unfired Colt AR15 HBAR for $500 (Keeping it!)
    Got a High Standard Victor for $500 (Keeping it)
    Got an all matching Ishapore 2A1 Enfield for $100 (Keeping it)

    So I really didn't think I was getting that great of a deal on the Hi-Point...glad you think so though... :D

    Saw a new one at the show for $179 before tax and no accessories like mine (Mine is used but not abused)
  4. NRAJOE, I need to find out who your supplier is... Holy cow! Those guns at those prices! I think I just messed myself.... :oops: :wink:

    BTW, welcome to the forum!
  5. x2

    an m14 for $500?? damn. I wish there were more shows here in ny.
  6. So, no suggestions? :oops:
  7. Seems like most people stick with the inexpensive theme, and go Tasco or BSA 30mm tubes. Seen a few with ACOGs and EOTechs, but then you're spending more on the scope than 2 or 3 995's. Haven't seen many with normal scopes, but I don't see why they wouldn't work well.
  8. i put a TruGlo red/green dot on mine 30mm got it from a dunham sports for 50.00 its got huge orings on the eyepieces and evevation and windage caps for weather proofing looks to be solid , and so far so good having the grren dot is nice sometime becasue of contrast issues with shooting against somethings

    looks like this except in black

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    my reply will be brief as I have to go change my underwear
  10. Heres my 995 and C9 compact I picked up today...

    Went from no Hi Points to two Hi Ppoints in 1 week...

    9mm Carbine last weekend...used...$150 otd:

    9mm C9 compact today...new...$150 otd:

    What up with dat!? :eek:
  11. Oh, and my barrel shround came today for the carbine...very nice!
    Got the 40mm TruGlo red dot...now gonna talk momma into getting me the ATI stock for Christmas! :D
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    Good score on both guns.
    And welcome to the club!
    You will like the ATI when you get it.
  13. My ATI stock is here but wife won't let me have it 'till Christmas! :shock: :cry:

    Driving me nuts! :roll: :wink:
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    Tell her you're Jewish, chanuka is already here!
  15. I bought the A1 Optic 42mm R/G Dot Scope on eBay for less than $40 including shipping. Go to eBay and type "A1Optic Red Dot Scope" and you'll see lots of them come up. All aluminum, rugged construction, real glass lenses and a good deal in my opinion. The seller is very good to work with.

    Edit: for clarification of search link.
  16. :shock: :D
  17. Hi NRAJoe and welcome to the forum.....

    I have a BSA 30mm on mine and it works well.

    The wife likes the Wally World $30 or so red dot sight, for her target shooting. Only problem is that some of them "bleed" a little but of that happens, exchange it.

    So, no expensive stuff here, inexpensive stuff works very well.

    Good luck and congrats on your purchase!