Hello! Can't get the bolt assembly out.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by grizzleebear, May 22, 2008.

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    Hello to everyone! New owner of a 995. Using the directions to dis-assemble it and can't figure out how to get the bolt assembly to come off the barrel. After getting everything out of the stock, I slid the clip rearward to release the pin on the bottom, but when I slide it back 1/4" and lift up like it says in the instructions it won't come out. What am I doing wrong?
    Besides that the gun functioned fine through a box of Remington UMC ammo. Accuracy was ok at 25 yds, about an inch groups. At 50 yds, though, it would always throw the 1st shot out of the mag. about 2" - 3" higher that the rest (which went into a group of about 2"). Which isn't to bad considering the awful trigger. Definitely going to get Bushman's trigger that I've been reading about here. Also, plan on getting the ATI stock for it, the factory stock is so ugly. LOL. I have heard it will improve the accuracy as well. For $160 at Dunham's how could you go wrong?
  2. After sliding the clip COMPLETELY out of the way, and pulling the slide back 1/4 inch, you should be able to lift it straight up. If it is giving you troulble, wiggle it around a little while pulling back on it and see if that helps.

    The ones I own have always come apart easily, hopefully yours is just a little stiff from being new.

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    Kinda off topic, but I am going to have to make a trip to a "Dunham's" at some point!

    Geez Hi-Points are cheap there! My place here in Jacksonville wants $250 for 995's.

    It just ain't fair, I tellya!
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    I am seriously considering getting another just so I have one of each one in the ATI stock & one in a factory Ugly stick!
    Yes for 169.00 you cannot go wrong for one tough rifle!
    Maybe the the .40 will be on sale also this week last time I saw 995 go on sale the following week 4095 was on sale.
  5. grizzleebear, forgot to say welcome to the forum. Have you had a chance to give that rifle another try?
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    ... $160 is an unbelievable price!!! I sell new Hi Points and that is below our cost.. not sure how they do it but you'd be crazy not to jump on it.
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    Waltham, no I haven't gotten to it yet, but will this weekend.

    Baytree, I actually put it on layaway a couple months ago at $169.95 on sale. I went in about 2 weeks later to put some more money on it and noticed in their flyer that they were having a 2 day sale on them for $159.95. Talked to the manager & they re-did the layaway at the lower price.
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    Stop with bragging about your unbelievably great prices where you live!

    :lol: Ok, maybe I'm just jealous.
  9. Let us know if you are still having trouble, they do come apart, honest! :D
  10. i placed a punch that measured about a quarter in. on the striking side in the action of the firearm, and that helped me wiggle it out.

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    ...most of our 995's come either with a red dot scope ($229)...or with a laser ($259)... I think the plain jane version would be around $210...and trust me, we aren't making a lot on them. A lot of our guys like the HiPoints but we get a good number who turn their nose up at anything that doesnt say Glock or Colt on it. I dont think they know as much as they would have you beleive but it makes them feel good. For my money the HiPoints are what they are... not the finest gun you'll ever own but one that is good at what it sets out to do... its a good shooter at a great price.. our customers are typically 4 wheeler guys who are out in the mud and the crud and fishermen who are out in the salt water...these guys own some real fine guns but dont want to take them into rough environments.