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    Hey whats going on guys and perhaps gals.
    I'm new to the forum all though i have been reading the threads here for about a week before i was actually able to post lol.

    Never heard much about Hi Points until about a month ago when i found a 380 at a pawn shop marked down for 130$ out the door, I did a little research on my phone and decided it would be worth it to go ahead and make the purchase.
    Glad i did because i love it, I decided to go ahead and polish the feed ramp as well as bend out the ears on the clip. I took it to the gun range and it performed fairly well all though i would run into a few FTF's. I shot about 200 rounds that day. I brought it home and decided to try adjusting the spring and i think i bent it to much possibly lol because now it seems to do the exact opposite of nose dive Lol but it seems with 6 bullets loaded in i get no problems at all. I'm going to re adjust the spring and try again this week.

    Besides the few FTF's with the 380 i still am very impressed with Hi Points so i decided to go back and get the 40 s&w, this time around i decided to go ahead and take it to the range before i did anything to it. I could tell that it had been shot a little bit in the past. The feed ramp was about 20% polished already, I shot about 50 rounds thru it and every other shot was FTF so last night i went ahead and bent the lips out a tad and polished the feed ramp... Waiting to see the results once i go back to the range this week.
    Also it came with the Green 10 round magazine which was odd because being new with hipoints i thought the newer magazines were orange? oh well.

    Anyways im loving the forums guys, My name is David and i reside in Houston Texas!! Go Texans
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    Hello and welcome from Indiana! :)

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    Will you let me give you a little FYI?
    Never tweak or adjust anything until you try it?
    If you have a FTF or FTE it could be several different things. Try shooting with more than one magazine. If you have 3 magazines & the problem persist, probably the gun, not the mag? Ejector, firing pin, etc.? It doesn't hurt to lubricate your magazines either.
    I have several HP's. I have only polished the feed ramp on one of them. The last several new guns were polished from the factory.
    Oh, almost forgot Welcome!
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    :welcome: lots of different personalities here and tons of knowledge!

    Even few good popcorn/beer threads from time to time for pure entertainment value!

    Melvin has some great advice there for ya.
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    Currently only have 1 mag for each of my guns. If all goes well I will be purchasing a few more for each sometime this week. Yea a lesson learned there and on my last purchase (the 40s&w) I did nothing until I took it to range and after ftf constantly I did polish the feed ramp and tweak the mag lips. Hopefully that solves the Pittsburgh with that one. As for the 380 I'm hoping a new mag will fix the issue at hand.

    BTW how do you go about sending the gun back to mom? And how much is the shipping run?
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    Welcome to the nut hut;-)
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    Any FFL can ship a pistol through USPS, and use flat rate shipping. It cost $10 to ship anywhere in USA. I have my FFL ship my handguns , he charges me $15.
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    Welcome from the metromess (DFW).