Hello from Independence mo

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  1. Hi all. I am the happy owner of .40 JCP. I haven't had or fired a pistol in quite a long time.
    A week after buying it, I finally got a chance to get to the range. Out of a around 75 rounds I did have 3 rounds stovepipe. Not limp wristing seemed to solve that. I'm thinking it's going to take time and practice to get back in the hand gun groove. But, damm it was fun to shoot.
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    from the home state
    Hi Point!

    Ohio State Buckeyes
    National Champions​

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    Another MO "leftist"!
    Welcome from St Louis, MO!

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    Welcome to the forum!.... I live in Blue Springs, work in Indeendence for IPL.. Glad to see another "Harry's town" guy here!
  5. Thanks guy's. In surfing around the forums I've seen a few MO people on here.
    We might need to organize a range meet and greet.
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    Welcome! Always glad to have another aboard. We love range reports and pics.
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    Welcome welcome welcome! Hopefully you'll love it here as much as the rest of us do! Hello from ND
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    Welcome to the forum! .45 JHP owner myself.
    Lot of knowledge here and not just on HiPoints.
    Ask away!
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    Welcome to TA. Sorry in the delay in welcoming you here.
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    Welcome BASS!

    You'll like it here...
  11. Welcome from Warrensburg.