Hello From Minnesota!

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    I am new to high power pistols with my JHP .45. Have shot .22 pistols my whole life, which has been awhile, and I am a proud grandfather of 12 that I am showing the ropes to so we have a variety of weapons around for them to try out.
    I hope to learn and contribute as much as I can!
  2. Rerun

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    Welcome to the Best Forum on the internet!

    I started with a used C9 pistol back in 2011. Shot well over 6000 rounds through it over the next five years.

    Upgunned to the JHP .45.

    Glad I did!

    That C9?

    Gifted it to a friend who went and got his CHL with it.

    These firearms love to be shot!

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  3. Delbert

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    Welcome Wolfpack.
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    Welcome to the group. I’ve shot the pistols but i fell in love with the carbines. I got 4 grandkids, but it’ll be a bit before i can start teaching them.
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  5. histed

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    upload_2021-1-23_18-22-48.jpeg Welcome to the zoo, cuz. You bring treats? JHP and C9 owner. Your JHP should be accurate and totally reliable after break in. Just start building up the biceps. They be heavy!!
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  6. OldOutlaw

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    Hello and Welcome from Eastern Iowa!
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  7. Hipointer

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    I love your Bulldog pics! Welcome to the forum OP! Need to have a thick skin around here, but that is what makes this a great forum.
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  8. Wolfpaak

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    Treats? Oh yeah I can bring treats! We have a 105 pound Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees, St. Bernard cross dog named Gus. Treats are a must in our house!!! As for thick skin, I worked at the P.O. for 37 years. no problems there.!
    Thanks all for the welcome!
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    Welcome from the old north state
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  10. Rerun

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    My dad retired from the PO thirty years ago. He now collects more money monthly then he did while working for the PO.

    It has been good for him. It will be so for you.

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  11. Wolfpaak

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    I've only been retired for 3, so far it's the BEST job I've ever had!
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