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    I am new to the forum and I own a 995TS. I waited a week for it and it came with a forend and tac light. I was not able to fire it due to the snow.

    I fired a 995 Classic from a co-worker and surprised how accurate it was at 25yds. Since then I started saving so I can buy one.

    I will paint the front post flat black and the sight blade glow in the dark white. Then after all the paint dries I will clear coat it.
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    Welcome from NW PA. Gotta love the 995. I actually drove through North East, PA yesterday on my to NY. But assume you mean the northeastern part of the state, not the town LOL.

    My buddy has a 995 classic chrome and that thing is awesome.

    But we did shoot in the snow yesterday, so get out and put some lead down range :D

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    Welcome, you're gonna love it!!
    fun fun fun
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    Welcome from St Lou! You will most likely love the 995. Very fun to shoot!

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    Thanks for your welcomes, sorry I could not answer the posts sooner been busy at work but I made some time and took my 995TS apart for painting. I picked satin huner green with black. I will clear coat after the paint dries. I will post some pictures soon.
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    Welcome to the Asylum. I'm north of you in Nazi York just above the PA line.
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    from the
    Home State
    Hi Point
    Ohio State
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    Welcome! We're big on range reports and pictures of them.
  9. Greetings. You should enjoy this forum, good shooting if you ever get out of snow. Any indoor ranges? Can't say if it really makes a difference but I use +P for at least 25 first rounds. I've been told autos need that recoil to help internals learn.
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    Welcome from ND...brr
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    Hello everyone,

    After work and getting warmed up, I was able to complete the painting the stock and bolt cover. I have to wait before handling. I will work on the barrel and touch up any parts that need painting. I have an idea of changing all the screws to stainless steel if possible, on my day off I go to Home Depot with 1 of each screw to see if its in stock.