Hello from New Hampshire

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by HighPointHarry, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. HighPointHarry

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    Hello from southern New Hampshire. I just picked up my first firearm, the JHP .45 ACP and thought I'd stop in and say hello before posting. Hello...
  2. Rachgier

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    Welcome to the asylum.

  3. SWAGA

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    Welcome aboard Harry.
    Lot of knowledge here and not just on HiPoints or firearms in general.
    Just ask away!
  4. Visper

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    Welcome and Congrats!!

    Also what Swaga said :)
  5. Welcome to the world of gun ownership and the forum.
  6. Grumpy553

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    Welcome Harry! Enjoy!
  7. Liberty

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    Congrats and welcome! We love range reports and pictures.
  8. Hdonly

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    Welcome. I am fairly new here and have discovered a wealth of information on Hi-Point and many other firearms. Lots of info on sights, shooting, ammo, just on and on. A really great site!
  9. Bamaboy

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    Welcome to the forum.
    If your a fan of wooden grips thingmiester makes them for your JHP.
    Or there's the Hogue slip on grip you can get to make operating your JHP easier.
  10. moona11

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    Welcome to the nut hut
  11. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Harry the Thingmeister grips are outstanding. I have a set of zombie green and black and I love them. They are worth every penny.
  12. EvilE424

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    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy all the info and sarcasm (lots and lots of sarcasm), and thread drift!!!
  13. Hipointer

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    Hello and welcome! You'll love your JHP. ;)
  14. HighPointHarry

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    thanks for all the responses guys, I had to order a couple parts from HP so Im a little ways out from a range report but will have some pics soon. I painted the slide and grips hunter green with a satin finish and then a clear matte finish. I apologize about this post, im on a wii right now and its not easy posting like this. The parts should be in tomorrow then ill post some pics, thanks again guys.
  15. mahansights

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    You will like the JHP!! Someobdy said that to me once and I thought whaaaaaaaaat?? it's just a big ole pistol!! But you will, mine is bone stock internally but I really like it because the trigger is sweet!!!