Hello from north Texas

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  1. Hello all, figured I'd introduce myself. I am a husband, father of 2,supporter of the Second Amendment, and the right to own firearms that don't cost two mortgage payments.I believe a firearm should function first and form should come second. I also think it's great when a person modifies the weapons appearance to suit their personality.Currently I am the manager of a high performance automotive machine shop. I look forward to learning and sharing whatever I can on here thank you.
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    Welcome, as you might of surmised I live in Plano, where abouts are you.

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    I used to be a big-time "port-n-polish" dood... had my own flow bench :D
    Heads, Intakes, Carbs, throttle bodies, exh. manifolds, headers, you name it!
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    Welcome TX.
    As a hotrodder I've never finished any project....lol
    Building my own engine is still on my bucket list.
    Members here know a lot about a lotta things, all you need to do is ask!
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    :rofl: :rofl: ;)
  6. Welcome TXrifleman.This is one of the better firearm forums.
    My oldest kid builds roads all over Texas.Killeen is his home base.
    Hope the hurricane doesn't flood everything out down there!
  7. :greet: and welcome to the hp forum..
    you will like being here, great info about hp's. pistols and carbines..:indeed:
  8. greetings from a fellow North Texas resident...

    they are pretty cool bunch around here...

    the info i've gotten off HPFF was one of the reasons i got into Hi-Point...
  9. Welcome

    A man after my own heart. I could have written the same about myself, except I've got four kids. I've also got my own shop, but not for cars. I do sheet metal - mostly rain gutters. I'm on the east edge of Dallas County.

    You'll find this is a great forum. I haven't even had to ask 90% of the questions I've had, as someone's usually covered it in a thread here somewhere.
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    Welcome from Las Vegas!
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    Great more Texans. What the hell we need more Canadians. Welcome
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    Hi-Point don't make a Moose Gun.
  13. How did you get a picture of me?! Just kidding. Currently Flower Mound, hopefully moving to Argyle in a few months if all goes well. Building so my Dad can move in with us. Trying to time a sale and build is stressful but we are staying positive.

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'm not huge on forums simply because a lack of spare time. I joined this one because I didn't see a lot of discouraging remarks, and people just seemed to be helpful and want to have fun. I like that.
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    What three threads were you lucky enough to pick?
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    It's called PRAYER, been there done that!
  16. Amen Melvin, and faith
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    I built a new house in 1997. I was trying to sell my old house while the new house was being constructed. The bank would not let me move in to the new house until the older house sold. At the end, I was praying for the construction on the new house to slooww down. I could see my new house from the back door of the old house. My wife & I prayed every morning for some one to come & buy our house. The week before the new house was finished, a couple came in & asked if we would sell the house on land contract with $5000 down. We drew up the papers & our prayers were answered!!!