Hello from sunny Southern California

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  1. Hello everybody!

    my name is Tom. i saw a weekly ad from Turners that listed the Carbines on sale at what i thought was an outrageous and unbelievable price. couldn't be true, but it was. and up until then i have never heard of Hi-Point Firearms so i did the next logical thing. and that was to Google the crap out of Hi-Point and the 995ST, the version that i was most interested in. after countless hours researching reviews and watching countless youtube videos i had decided on the 995ST. so, i pulled the trigger (lol) and purchased one a few days ago. now im just waiting for the mandatory 10 day waiting period to end..meh.

    i go camping and off-roading A LOT, which means bringing along friends, who will always drag along their arsenals with them. leaving me left out of the fun when it's time to shoot off some rounds, wishing that i had something a bit more fun and comfortable to shoot other then my Mossberg 500 Marauder. i have always wanted something but i could never decide on a particular pistol or rifle. it has always came down to two things to consider when looking at something i was interested in. is it particle for me to have? and is it affordable? this is where the 995ST comes in. i believe that the 995ST makes the perfect platform for a fun, versatile and extremely viable weapon at a budget that will make my gun owning friends jealous. and i can't wait! :D so with that in mind, i've joined the forum and community looking forward to learning and hopefully contributing to anything 995ST.

    this is what i often do on the weekends..

    my 1986 Toyota nicknamed the MonkeyCrawler

    and my 2008 Toyota Tacoma
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    Welcome to the forum Tom!

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    from the
    Home State
    Hi Point
    Ohio State
    National Champions​

    BTW that a 995 "TS" (target stock)
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    Welcome! Post pictures when you get it, and pictures when you go shoot it.
  5. Welcome from sunny Southern California!


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    welcome to the forum !!!:) , nice Yota crawler is that a pic of the Hammers out in Johnson Valley ???
  7. indeed..this was taking at The Hammers on one of my favorite trails called Resolution.